2018 Opening Day Base Cards With Different Photos, Part 2

As with Part 1, this post features the Opening Day cards which I’ve confirmed as having a photo different from the Series 1 counterpart. This is a work in progress and I’ll post a new batch every time I’ve found enough for a new post.

I have to say… this is easily the most fun I’ve ever had with Topps Opening Day (This, by the way, is not a bold statement).

With all of these it’s Series 1 on the left and Opening Day on the right.  I’ll start with three that I referenced in part 1…

Giancarlo Stanton (Opening Day card # 60)

Next to the Shohei Ohtani rookie, this is probably the best known Opening Day card.

Jackie Bradley, Jr. (OD # 116)

Ian Kinsler (OD # 163)

Andrew Stevenson (OD # 135)
At first glance this seems like Topps photoshopped him into a different jersey, but it’s really two different photos (look at the player in the background between Stevenson’s legs).

Chance Sisco (OD # 123)

Summary of findings to date:
68 cards still undetermined
21 cards have a different photo
5 cards are photoshopped (and may or may not have different photos)
2 cards use the same photo but is cropped differently
4 Series 1 “Future Stars” cards are the same but are missing the banner in OD
63 cards do not have a corresponding card in Series 1
37 cards are essentially the same as Series 1

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