2018 TSR: Less Said The Better?

Keeping it short today, not so much because of writer’s block as lack of time… Let’s tear into the pack.

Last week I introduced a subset for players who wear glasses (as I do, and as many of you do). KO Rob suggested Eric Sogard, and I love requests that keep me from having to think about which players to feature. I also love this dugout shot of Sogard.

As it turns out, Sogard is also very similar to me in height and weight. Unlike me, he is from Arizona and has athletic ability.

The A’s signed Jonathan Lucroy to a one-year deal this winter… I get the impression that, 5-10 years down the road, we’ll be saying “Jonathan Lucroy played for the A’s? When was that?”

I haven’t seen any trade rumors yet, but the way it’s going for the Mets, Nats and other teams I suspect it won’t be long.

A lot of attention goes to the Mets’ starting rotation, and with good reason… but the bullpen has been impressive as well. Seth Lugo has pitched six scoreless innings with 7 K’s and just 2 hits.

I don’t know if Andrew Cashner’s free agent signing would’ve been so welcome if he’d signed with a team other than the pitching-starved Orioles. He was possibly more welcome than a guy with an 11-11 2017 record should have been.

He’s pitched in three games so far, and they’ve been crap, good and a well-pitched no decision. Fingers crossed on the rest of the season.

Manager of the week time… As a rookie manager in 2017, Torey Lovullo lead the D-Backs to a 93-69 record and got into the postseason. Because of the lack of manager cards starting last year, he has no baseball cards since a Blue Jays-issued Safety set in 2012. “Leave starting BBQ’s to grown ups” is the message on Lovullo’s card.

Just one insert in this pack, and it’s from the “Sports Of The World” insert set.

I know very little about Australian Rules Football, but I stumbled across this photo of Trent Cotchin and it just grabbed me.

Cotchin is among the top players in the AFL, and in 2012 he won the Brownlow Medal, awarded to the “fairest and best” player in the Australian Football League.


6 thoughts on “2018 TSR: Less Said The Better?

  1. Congrats on getting the 2018 archive set years corrected you got 2 out of 3 – Your Theory from June 2017 appears to be correct. 1962 to 1976 was the dead period.

  2. Nice Sogard card (Socard?)! When I googled him to confirm that he was still with the Brewers that very image you used for the card came up. Great card!

  3. I already have to remind myself that Jonathan Lucroy is on the A’s. I keep thinking he’s still with the Brewers for some reason even though it’s been several years since he’s played for them.

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