2018 Opening Day Base Cards With Different Photos, Part 3

As with the first two parts, this post features the Opening Day cards which I’ve confirmed as having a photo different from the Series 1 counterpart. This is a work in progress and I’ll post a new batch every time I’ve found enough for a new post.

Brandon Woodruff (Opening Day Card # 122)
I’m a sucker for cards where the ball seems to be coming right at you.

Eddie Rosario (OD Card # 174)
Kind of interesting that Jorge Polanco almost takes up as much real estate as Eddie Rosario

Troy Tulowitzki (OD Card # 106)
The Series 1 card is more interesting, but not exactly a great photo.

Alex Colome (OD Card # 194)
This one is a toss-up.

Anthony Banda (OD card # 136)
This pairing is interesting because the OD card is much more interesting than the Series 1 card.  BTW, Banda is in AAA with the Rays after this past winter’s 3 team trade that also saw Brandon Drury and Steven Souza changing teams.

Summary of findings to date:
27 cards still undetermined
31 cards have a different photo
5 cards are photoshopped (and may or may not have different photos)
3 cards use the same photo but is cropped differently
6 Series 1 “Future Stars” cards are the same but are missing the banner in OD
63 cards do not have a corresponding card in Series 1
65 cards are essentially the same as Series 1

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