2018 TSR: Mistakes May Have Been Made…

Quick comment for anyone who’s new to The Shlabotnik Report… we’re about to “open a pack” of virtual baseball cards, some of my own design, others are a tribute to past sets.

So… I’m beginning to wonder if I screwed up in my post this past Friday where I selected the 3 Braves and Yankees who would represent their teams in a fictional card set which mirrors the 1964 Topps “Giants” set.  For the Braves I chose Freddie Freeman, Ender Inciarte and Ozzie Albies…

…To which Mike Foltynewicz says “Leave me out of your stupid set’s checklist, willya?”

In an effort to make me look foolish, Foltynewicz has not given up more than a single earned run in each of his last five starts, including Friday night’s two-hit shutout of the Nationals. In that game Folty retired 20 Nats in a row, and over his last five starts he has an 0.56 ERA, 37 K’s and 17 hits allowed over 32 innings.

Hey, speaking of the Braves… Do you know which golfer recently qualified for the U.S. Seniors Open?  Why none other than Braves HOFer John Smoltz!

Among the players who Smoltz beat out was Football HOFer John Elway.

What can I say about the Orioles this year? Before the season started, some thought they had a chance at a wild card spot. Instead they currently have the worst record in the major leagues and are getting ready to trade off players who are in their walk year.

None of this is the fault of Jace Peterson, who was claimed on waivers in April and has been starting a number of games at third base, even though he’s played the majority of his Major League games at second.

While he’s struggling at the plate, I understand he plays a respectable third base. I don’t know firsthand because I have to admit I’ve watched very little of the Orioles lately.

By contrast, the Tigers started tearing things down last season, but they’ve won 4 straight and 8 out of 10 to get up to 2nd place in the admittedly mediocre AL Central.

Maybe the Orioles need a “Rally Goose”…

I couldn’t decide who to make my “Met of the Week” so I went with the guy who had the best stats for the week: Outfielder Brandon Nimmo.

This past week Nimmo batted .390 with 3 doubles, 3 homers, 6 runs, 7 RBI and 2 stolen bases.  I almost went with Amed Rosario;  he’ll probably be the Mets card next week unless somebody convinces me otherwise.

Time for the 1988 Tribute of the week, where I create the 30th anniversary insert set that Topps didn’t. This week’s subject is the Indians’ Jose Ramirez:

For the week, Ramirez batted .367 with 3 doubles, 4 homers, 9 runs and 6 RBI.

To finish things off with another “insert”…  It’s been a while since I included an sheet of U-KNOW-M stamps – “You’ll love ’em because U-KNOW-M” – in a pack.  Can you guess what Ludwig Von Drake, the Burgermeister Meisterburger, “Poppin’ Fresh” (aka the Pillsbury Doughboy) and Boris Badenov have in common?

All four were originally voiced by Paul Frees, who did an amazing amount of voice work and narration over his lifetime. The other day I was discussing the Don Knotts movie “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” with friends – when I was a kid it was in heavy rotation on the local channel’s weekday afternoon movie – and somehow Crusty The Crab from that movie evolved into a discussion of the man who gave voice to Crusty… Paul Frees. Among other roles of his were Santa Claus from “Frosty The Snowman”, John Lennon and George Harrison from the early 1960’s Beatles cartoon, Morocco Mole (sidekick to Secret Squirrel), Inspector Fenwick (“Dudley Do-Right”), Fred (“Super Chicken”), Ape (the original “George Of The Jungle”), Ben Grimm from the 1960’s Fantastic Four cartoon, the mega-computer Colossus from “Colossus: The Forbin Project” and the narrator of the classic ultra-low-budget 1970’s parody film “Hardware Wars”.

I understand that if you’re under a certain age (which I won’t guess at) you’re not going to know what I’m talking about, but trust me, it’s impressive.

2 thoughts on “2018 TSR: Mistakes May Have Been Made…

  1. I’m the right age for Paul Frees. B^) I did guess that all four shared the same voice.

    And I did know about Smoltz and the Senior Open, but only because they talked about it on the Mets game yesterday. And, holy crap, Smoltz could not stop whining about extra inning games! It was as though he were saying, hey folks, this is really boring, so stop watching! Granted, I kind of wish I had stopped watching with the way that one ended. Sigh…Must Endure The Suffering!

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