A Package From “Dime Boxes Nick”: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (For A While Anyway)

Just as my blogging time started to look questionable for the next couple of weeks (if not months), there appeared in my mailbox a large package from Nick (of Dime Boxes fame).  I’ve only had time to go through half of them so far, but it’s something like 200 cards and comes at just the right time to give me something to write about which doesn’t require any of this bothersome and time-consuming research!

The first three fall into the category of “cards I probably wouldn’t have bought for myself… but damned if they aren’t cool.”

I don’t collect Orlando Cepeda, I don’t collect Hall-of-Famers, I don’t collect Giants, I don’t collect 1960’s Post baseball cards (outside of team/player collections)…

…But I am very happy to add this card to my collection! If I were looking for this card, this is just the condition I’d be looking for… Overall decent condition except for the ball point pen mark (which I can absolutely live with).

Before this package, I’d considered the 1969 Topps Deckle Edge insert set to be strictly the stuff of team/player collections. I love oddballs and I understand that they were going for a sort of “photo album” thing with these, but the set never quite grabbed me in a huge way.

But then along came this Frank Howard (and I think that’s an airbrushed Senators logo on his Dodgers helmet)…

…and a Willie McCovey…

…and I said “Hmmmmmmm… Should I get more of these when I go to that show in two weeks?”

It’s not like I need another project right now, but nevertheless… Hmmmmmmm…

Hostess cards are always welcome!

Terry Whitfield was a Yankees first round pick who shared a rookie card with Fred Lynn, but achieved greater fame in Japan from his three seasons with the Seibu Lions.

Kellogg’s cards are also always welcome!

McCovey superpack!

I was one of the few people who liked the Topps Attax set back in 2011… and I didn’t even play the game.

Bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word…

Everything that’s right about 2018 Topps Series 2: This is a relatively early favorite for “Card of the year”. Love this photo. I gave myself a minute or two to attempt to figure out what game this was from, but time ran out.

Everything that’s wrong about 2018 Topps Series 2: Jeremy Hellickson has not appeared in an Orioles uniform since the end of 2017 and didn’t sign a contract with the Nats – a minor league one, at that – until the middle of March. Is this card “wrong” because it’s instantly outdated or because there are many players more deserving of a Series 2 card than Jeremy Hellickson? I’ll leave that up to you.

That’s it for this particular post, but that’s not all from this mailday… I’ll be sharing more of the Dime Boxes fun next week (and possibly beyond that)

Thanks again, Nick!


7 thoughts on “A Package From “Dime Boxes Nick”: The Gift That Keeps On Giving (For A While Anyway)

  1. You’re very welcome! That Howard has always struck me as odd — I’m also pretty sure that it’s an airbrushed photo of him as a Dodger…but his last season with the Dodgers was 1964.

    • The Brooks Robinson photo from this set dates back to at least 1965, so you never know… and I don’t believe the Senators ever had numbers on the front of their jerseys.

      The Topps guys were probably happy that they didn’t have to worry about changing the color of the Dodgers uni!

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