More Cards From DimeBoxedonia

Last week I featured the first of a number of cards from Nick, the owner and proprietor of the “Dime Boxes” blog.  There were so many highlights from the 200+ cards he sent, that I’ve got another post today (and one more after this).

This first card strikes me as a scene from “2017:  A Baseball Odyssey”…

Daaaaaa…. Daaaaaa…. Daaaaaa…. DAAAH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

BOM bom BOM bom BOM bom BOM bom BOM…

This card confused the heck out of me at first, but I think I’ve got it figured out…

It looks like a 1970’s Kellogg’s card… but it’s not 3-D, it’s borderless and it’s printed on blank-backed cardboard.  What the WHAT?

After pondering it for a little while, I realized what it must be – I’ll bet it’s a sort of “box card” in that some resourceful kid (or adult?) must have cut it out of the “FREE INSIDE – 3-D BASEBALL CARDS” ad on the back of the cereal box.

I was also momentarily puzzled when I was entering some 2017 Topps into my homegrown database. As I was sorting on card number, I said “Oh, Nick sent me two of the same Trey Mancini card…”

And then I flipped them over and…

ZOINKS!  It’s the base card *and* the variation! Sweetness!

Speaking of 2017 Topps, just in case Nick was wondering, I thought I’d share why I had an Opening Day card of Drew Smyly on the wantlist I’d sent him…

The card on the right is the OD card he sent me, and it’s a pseudo-variation from the original Series 1 card on the left (which I already had) in that the team has been updated and the Rays uniform has been photoshopped into a Mariners’ uniform.

It took a bit of poking around on to figure out what this card is…

This is from the 1991-92 ProCards Tomorrow’s Heroes set. I’d seen these cards around before, but new knew what the were. I like the name of the set… It makes it clear that it’s meant to be a prospect-y set, but while it includes HOFers like Jim Thome and Chipper Jones, players like Ryan Hawblitzel may well be heroes to some, even if they have just one line of stats over on Baseball Reference.

When Topps released it’s Walmart exclusive “Gallery” set last year, I made more visits to Walmart stores within a couple of weeks than I had in the prior few years. Despite my efforts, I never saw anything more than an empty Gallery display. Thank you, Aaron Judge.

I’d never so much as held one of these cards in my hand until I received four of them in this package; a pair of Mets…

…and a pair of Orioles:

These are nice cards, and worth the wait. The artwork is by Mayumi Seto, who is currently keeping busy as the artist for the Topps Living Set. I’m thinking there’s not going to be a 2018 Topps Gallery set.

Another 2017 set we’re not going to see again is the physical Bunt set.  I really liked 2017 Bunt – it was one of my personal highlights of the 2017 hobby scene – and would’ve gladly attempted to build the set through retail packs and trades, but the retail supply dried up long before I was done buying packs.  Once again, thank you Aaron Judge.

Thanks to this package, I got to at least put a dent in my team sets.  Bunt seems to be replaced this time around by Topps Big League Baseball which I believe is scheduled to come out this month.  I wasn’t bowled over by the preview images, but who knows… sometimes cards look a lot better in-hand.  I wasn’t a fan of the 2017 Topps flagship set until I’d opened a few packs.

…But I digress…

There are a bunch of sets from my childhood I appreciate more now than I did then… There are also sets from my teens and twenties I appreciate more now than I did then, like the Pacific Legends sets which ran from 1988 to 1990.

Look at Ed Kranepool!!  He played with the Mets from 1962 to 1979, but he looks like a kid here! And he may have been a kid in this picture; Ed was just shy of his 18th birthday when he made his MLB debut at the end of the 1962 season.

Love me some Fleer Star Stickers.

I also ignored these at the time, but if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have so much fun re-discovering them now.

The 2001 Upper Deck Legends Of New York set is… interesting. The cards have a pseudo-newspaper-y or  magazine-y look to them, but you see that orange part of the card? It’s FUZZY! It’s a sort of felt-like substance.

To this day I’m not sure what UD was going for. Felt pennants? Fuzzy for fuzzy’s sake?

1998 Pacific Online had a less-than-beautiful design and the URL gimmick seems so very dated now… But at the time I enjoyed picking up packs solely because the large checklist included guys like Terry Mathews.

Mathews pitched 88 games for the O’s from 1996 to 1998 and this is his one and only card showing him in an Orioles uniform. But hey, he got in a Mother’s Cookies set while with the Rangers… and he was in 1991-92 ProCards Tomorrow’s Heroes! How about that?

Wrapping things up with a cool action shot from 1993 Upper Deck SP.

Hmmm… Bob Zupcic and Chris Hoiles in a play at the plate.  Assuming that this is Fenway Park and not a Spring Training game.  This would seem to be easy to isolate, but Zupcic was put out at the plate by Chris Hoiles in consecutive games in June 1993.  On June 12th, Zupcic pinch-ran for Tony Pena and was thrown out by Brady Anderson when he tried to score on an Ivan Calderon ground ball single.  On June 13th, Zupcic tripled and was still on 3rd with Mike Greenwell on 1st when he tried to score on a ball fielded by Orioles pitcher Fernando Valenzuela (!!!!), but was out at the plate on a fielder’s choice.

Thanks again, Nick!  As you can tell, I’m having a lot of fun with these cards!



2 thoughts on “More Cards From DimeBoxedonia

  1. I kinda like those fuzzy UD cards. The collection I picked up at the flea market had a bunch of the Yankees stars. Didn’t see any Mets fuzzies though.

    P.S. That Seaver Kellogg’s cereal box card is awesome!

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