Still More Cards From DimeBoxedonia

Once more I dip into the well…  This is the third installment of “Cards I recently got from ‘Dime Boxes Nick‘ “.

Up until a couple of years ago, the only Action Packed baseball cards i was aware of was the minor league set they made in 1995.  As it turns out they made two series of “All-Star Gallery” in 1992 and 1993, and I’ve been slowly adding these to my collection.  It occurred to me that the only thing I know about these cards is that the black-bordered first series, like this Bud Harrelson, came out in 1992…

…and the red-bordered second series, like this Jerry Koosman, came out in 1993.

I don’t even know what else I might want out of these sets. When I get a chance I might have to dip into that font of checklist information that is Card Collector 7.0, a 15 year old software package which still manages to run (on my Win7 laptop, anyway).

The following is a public service announcement for casual faux card makers as well as graphics professionals:  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “You can never have too many retro design elements!”.

Remember, when it comes to throwbacks, “less” is more.

I really liked 2011 Topps Lineage when it came out, but now it’s like years ago when there was that woman who worked in the company cafeteria and who was really cute in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, but then one day the ‘spell’ was broken and no matter what I did I couldn’t quite see her in that same way after that……… and where was I?  Oh, yeah, Lineage.  At any rate, it’s Cal, so it’s cool.  Ripkens are always welcome.

I’m a tiny bit embarrassed that this is my first card of Mets catching prospect Tomas Nido.

I used to buy the majority of my Bowman cards at shows from a particular dealer, but that dealer stopped buying new product and I rarely get to shows anymore.  I guess I really should get on board with buying team sets online.

Not that I don’t appreciate the heck out of a Manny Machado relic, especially a nice-looking card like this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Manny’s wearing a different team’s uniform tomorrow.

It’s like some wise person once said;  “We stink with you, we can stink without you.”

The package contained a couple of Orioles from 1960 Topps… This first card came with a note on the penny sleeve;  the note made ma laugh so I left the penny sleeve on when I scanned the card.

You ain’t kidding, “Poor Joe Ginsberg”.  With an entire corner torn off, paper loss and creases galore, this card is a bit beyond “well-loved” and goes into another category. It’s about as rough of a shape as one will find a card, but it ended up in the right hands.

Later in the package I found another 1960 Oriole with less damage and a bit more Hall-Of-Fame credentials…

Other than scotch tape on all four sides, this card is in pretty decent shape.  I really hate to start YET ANOTHER project, but these two cards get me about a third of the way towards a 1960 Orioles team set, and with Brooks out of the way, the biggest obstacles seem to be Hoyt Wilhelm and the high #’s.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage… Hoyt Wilhelm And The High Numbers!!!!

At any rate, it may depend on whether some disagreeable person somewhere has decided to drive up values by hoarding cards of Marv Breeding or Al Pilarcik.

I suppose I might also upgrade Joe Ginsberg… in an augmenting way, of course.  I think “Poor” Joe Ginsberg needs to stick around in some way.


The back of this card only notes that it’s from the “20 Years Of Mets Baseball” set, and it’s easy to overlook the “RGI” notation on the back. (BTW, Cliff Cook played 90 games as a utility guy for the Mets in 1962 and 1963)

However, anyone who read baseball magazines in the 1970’s and 1980’s and dreamed of getting “1,000 mint baseball cards for only $9.99” knows that RGI = Renata Galasso, Inc.

One of the benefits of having blogged as long as I have is being able to dip into the archives and pull up an appropriate image like this:

In a similar vein to that Renata Galasso set, TCMA did a series of “All-Time Teams” devoted to different major league franchises.  Over the years, cards like these (and Pacific Legends and Ted Williams Card Company and Swell Baseball Greats) have gone from “mildly interesting oddball” to “I should get more of these”

It occurred to me when I was going through my cards that the casual observer might think I’d gotten disgusted with the Mets and made a switch to the Phillies.

Well, I *am* pretty disgusted with the Mets, but I have not run out and bought myself a red baseball cap.  These cards are all for players I collect because they caught my attention when they were still in the minors.

I will, however, admit that the Phillie Phanatic is on the heels of Mr. Met and The Oriole Bird in my own MLB Mascot Power Rankings.  I’ve never seen the Phanatic in his natural environs but I have seen him (or perhaps a member of his “touring company”, if there is such a thing) a few times in minor league ballparks.

Joe Panik is another guy I saw in the minors.  I still roll my eyes at the fact that the card numbers have a “GG” prefix but the cards are labeled as “Fielding Award”.  I suppose I should be happy that they’re not listed as the “Precious Metal Mitten” or “Short-printed Hand Covering Award”

…And that covers the highlights from the legendary Dime Boxes package of June, 2018… I guess I’ll have to actually think of some sort of subject matter for next week’s posts.

Thanks again, Nick!


3 thoughts on “Still More Cards From DimeBoxedonia

  1. Oh. Just go for the 60 Orioles team set. I’ve finally made it to the last card I need for my 52 Topps Redsox set. This one card will give me a complete Topps Bosox run 1951-2018

  2. Again, happy you enjoyed everything! Glad that Joe Ginsberg went to a good home, I bought that one packaged in a penny sleeve with a couple other poor ’60 Topps singles and it’s been sitting on my dresser ever since.

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