My Tribute To 1964 Topps “Giants”, November 18th Edition

As with the other posts in this series, I’m simulating the checklist from the 1964 Topps Giant-Sized All-Stars set (commonly known as “1964 Giants”) by selecting three representative players from each team.

Unlike the previous posts, I’m going to list 3 cards which I chose for each team’s checklist, but for three of today’s four teams I’m only including one custom per team. Time grows tight for me, and interest wanes for everybody.


I’d forgotten that I’d already done a team set for the Diamondbacks. They were in first place as late as September 1st… and then the wheels came off and they went 9-18 during the month of September and finished well behind the Dodgers and Rockies.

Paul Goldschmidt – All-Star several years running, Silver Slugger, centerpiece of this team.  Don’t even argue that he shouldn’t be here.

Zack Greinke – All-Star four of the past five years, Gold Glove five years straight, 15-11, 3.21, 1.071 WHIP.

Patrick Corbin All-Star Reserve, likely to be traded this winter, All-Star, Cy Young votes, 11-7, 3.15

Also considered:  AJ Pollock (April 2018 Player of the month), Ketel Marte (lead the Majors with 12 Triples), Jake Lamb, Robbie Ray, Archie Bradley

J.T. Realmuto – clearly the best player on this team, which is why there’s all kinds of rumors of his being traded.  I’m thinking this will be the last custom I’ll make featuring the Loria Era uniforms.  They grew on me a little bit over the years, but I won’t really miss them.

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Brian Anderson – Lead the team in On-base % and doubles, but as I was finalizing this post I realized that Anderson probably shouldn’t be here because of my “June checklist” rule… Maybe Starlin Catro instead?
  • Justin Bour – Reminder – I’m doing these based on the rosters as of June, when the checklist for this imaginary set was imaginarily finalized.  Sure, Bour got traded to Philly… but the flip side is that he was good enough that he got traded to Philly.

Others considered:  Starlin Castro, Jose Urena, Brad Ziegler, Kyle Barraclough, Lewis Brinson


Max Scherzer – gotta have the oversized card to highlight his eyes. This Mets fan won’t begrudge anyone who argues that Scherzer should have won the Cy… I won’t agree, but I respect that argument.  Scherzer lead the Majors with 300 K’s, tied for the NL lead with 18 wins and started the All-Star game.

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Angry mobs would burn down the fictional Shlabotnik Industries, Inc. factory if Bryce Harper weren’t included, but if you catch me when I’m feeling ornery I would argue that the following two players mentioned deserve it more.  Harper also started the All-Star game, drove in 100 and lead the Majors in walks.
  • Trea Turner – Lead the league with 43 stolen bases;  scored 103 runs, drove in 73 runs.  Until I researched this post I forgot that the Padres sent him to DC in a 2015 three-team trade.

I can’t help but wonder if Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon should’ve gotten preference over His Bryceness… Or Juan Soto if this were an after-the-season checklist rather than a finalized-in-June checklist.  I’m frankly happy that, barring a team owner getting bonked on the head with a bowling ball and changing personality, neither of my two teams is going to be the one regretting a $400 million Bryce Harper contract come 2022.

Of course, I also thought Roger Clemens was washed up in the mid 1990’s (*cough* steroids *cough*).  I really need to work on that series of “Shlabotnik’s Hall Of Disdain” posts…

Also considered:  Sean Doolittle, Daniel Murphy, Ryan Zimmerman


This was a rough bunch to pick because… well, this is not a good team.

Eric Hosmer – The biggest name on the team, lead the team in hits, doubles, runs and RBI.

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Hunter Renfroe – Lead the team in home runs and slugging %.
  • Travis Jankowski – team leader in batting average, on-base % and stolen bases.  I kinda like Jankowski so I may go back and make a custom for him.

Others considered: Brad Hand (All-Star with a 1.083 WHIP before getting traded to Cleveland), Wil Myers, Freddy Galvis, Kirby Yates, Christian Villanueva, Manuel Margot

As of right now, I’m planning on another two or three posts in this series, just to get through the remaining 11 teams in some form, plus a couple of “bonus cards” that I’ve promised. If you would like to see customs of cards I’d listed but didn’t make, or of someone who didn’t get past the “also considered” phase, just ask me nicely in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

…Even if you ask for Bryce Harper. (Turns and spits on the floor)

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