My Tribute To 1964 Topps “Giants”, November 25th Edition

As with the other posts in this series, I’m simulating the checklist from the 1964 Topps Giant-Sized All-Stars set (commonly known as “1964 Giants”) by selecting three representative players from each team.

Today I’m going to do one “team set” of three customs, but for the rest of the teams I’ll list the three cards on the checklist but share just one.  I’ve got too many projects going on right now to fill out a set of 90 custom cards.


I wasn’t going to do a full set of Giants until someone – I can’t find the comment/tweet –  requested Madison Bumgarner… and then if I’m doing two, I might as well do three.

Buster Posey – Face of the franchise,

Madison Bumgarner – had this truly be a Topps set, he wouldn’t be a consideration because he’s apparently not under contract with Topps

Brandon Crawford

Others considered: Brandon Belt, Andrew McCutchen, Evan Longoria


Starling Marte

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Gregory Polanco – lead the team in RBI, Home Runs and Slugging.
  • Jameson Taillon – He and Trevor Williams had very similar stats, but I didn’t feel that both of them should be selected.

Others considered:  Trevor Williams (see above), Felipe Vazquez (All-Star closer with 37 saves), Austin Meadows (traded to the Rays), Corey Dickerson (lead team in doubles, triples and batting average), Francisco Cervelli, Josh Harrison (an All-Star last year).


Eugenio Suarez – All-Star, lead team in homers, RBI and Slugging %.

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Joey Votto – All-Star, plus he lead the NL with a .417 On-Base Percentage.
  • Scooter Gennett – All-Star; NL Player of the month for May, 2018; Lead the team in Runs, batting average

Others considered:  Adam Duvall (since traded to Braves), Jose Peraza (lead the team in Hits, Doubles), Billy Hamilton, Raisel Iglesias (closer), Matt Harvey


Edwin Diaz – MLB Saves leader with 57;  also an All-Star

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Nelson Cruz – All-Star, team leader in Slugging %, HR & RBI
  • Mitch Haniger – All-Star, lead team in Hits,

Others considered – Jean Segura (All-Star, lead team in Runs and Batting Avg), James Paxton, Dee Gordon, Alex Colome, Felix Hernandez

Bumped from consideration after his PED suspension:  Robinson Cano


Shohei Ohtani – Because you can’t NOT include him.

The other two unmade customs on this checklist:

  • Mike Trout – Considered by many to be the best player in baseball.
  • Andrelton Simmons – four-time Gold Glove winner who lead the team in hits, doubles and triples.

Others considered:  Martin Maldonado, Justin Upton (team RBI leader), Zack Cozart, Albert Pujols

Next week is the last post in this series, so if you would like to see customs of cards I’d listed but didn’t make, or a “bonus card” of someone who didn’t get rank higher than “also considered”, just ask me nicely in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

6 thoughts on “My Tribute To 1964 Topps “Giants”, November 25th Edition

  1. Love the ’64 Giants (I’m sort-of collecting the set) and I enjoy seeing all your customs. Really wish Topps would reboot this concept instead of recycling ’83 and ’87 designs.

    It shocked me that Joey Votto wasn’t the best player in Cincy this year-but Suarez is legit. I’d like to see what your Votto, Trout, and Trevor Williams customs look like. Andrew McCutchen too, if you have time.

    Also, I didn’t realize MadBum isn’t under contract with Topps. I know he has cards in ’15 and ’16 flagship, but I haven’t acquired enough ’18 to notice his absence.

    • Yeah, I didn’t know about MadBum’s absence either. TCDB lists only Donruss/Panini products for him this year, so it’s definitely true. Apparently Topps lost his rights at some point during 2017. What amazes me is that I can find some forum threads discussing his absence, but no actual articles discussing what happened. You’d think Beckett or someone would have covered this.

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