Let’s Face It… Everything Above The Neck Is Kaput!

As I sit down to write this post, there’s a part of me that is saying “Just say you had the flu”.  The truth is that everything around me… work, the Holidays, the weather… has combined to drain me of all energy.  I’ll start the night expecting to watch a little TV and then get things done, and the next thing I know James Corden is in a car singing along with some musical celebrity and I know that the only thing I’m accomplishing is hauling my tired butt off to bed.

…But I haven’t posted yet this week and I don’t want to let it go any further, so I’ll see how many cards I can write about in the 15-20 minutes I can write without being excessively late for work.

“Marvelous Marv” Throneberry is one of those guys who I don’t exactly collect, but I also can’t pass his cards by when I run across one that easily falls within my budget.

I’m not a fan of 1960 Topps, but certain color combinations work much better with the design than others.  This green/yellow combo works quite nicely, and in this case sort of foreshadows the sartorial curveball that Athletics owner Charles O. Finley would throw a few years later.

I remember HOFer Jean Ratelle from those Sunday and Wednesday nights in the 1970’s where the one TV in the house was tuned to the Rangers and if you didn’t like it you could go read a book.

The back of this card is even more interesting because of the cartoon illustrating Ratelle’s offseason occupation…

I wonder how many boys saw this and immediately aspired to be a golf pro when they grew up.

How awesome is Wayne Stephenson’s goalie mask?

The 1977 MLB expansion that added the Mariners and Blue Jays was the first baseball expansion that happened after I was old enough to know what was going on, and the whole process intrigued the heck out of 11-year-old me.  Lately I’ve come to realize that I love oddballs of those two teams from their first few years of existence.

If I were to purchase the Mariners tomorrow – maybe I can finance it by selling off my rookie cards of Kevin Maas and Todd Van Poppel – the first course of action would be to return the M’s to wearing blue and gold full time… and powder blue on the road, thank you very much.

OK, one more and then I need to run.

I got this card over the summer out of a nickel box.  I had no idea who the player was, but I liked the skillful way that the graphic artists “adapted” the 1976 Topps football design.

Jake Roh (and you KNOW that someone has at least tried to call him “Ruh Roh”) played for Boise State and was signed by the Falcons as an undrafted free agent, but he was cut this past June.

OK, I really need to go to work now.  I’ll have some fully-formed ideas next week, I promise!

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