Custom Card Sunday: Two Cutches and A Duck

For the three people who aren’t frantically preparing for the impending holiday, I’ve got a number of custom cards made over the past week.

The Phillies signed Andrew McCutchen to a three-year contract. I didn’t expect him to return to the Yankees, but I guess this cements the idea that 10 years from now we’ll be saying “Hey, remember when Cutch was a Yankee?”

There’s another Cutch custom at the end of the post… Just so ya know.

It’s been an interesting offseason for the Orioles. First came Executive VP and General Manager Mike Elias and some other front office people, then they took their time before hiring new manager Brandon Hyde, who was Joe Maddon’s bench coach with the Cubs this past season.

I’m sure the O’s are going to take their time and try to find some bargains in the free agent market, but so far all they’ve done regarding the roster is claim infielder Rio Ruiz on waivers from the Braves, plus select two more infielders in the Rule V draft. I’m going to try to do some customs of those two as well, once I have time to do some “photoshopping”.

I grew up on Long Island, but of course Long Island didn’t get a minor league team until after I moved away. Even so, I like to keep up with the independent Long Island Ducks, and I couldn’t resist making a custom of their new manager, Wally Backman.

Wally was, of course, a member of the 1986 World Champion Mets, which remain the best Mets team of my baseball lifetime. As for the Ducks, one of these days I’m going to see them play a home game (Usually when I go back, it’s the offseason or the Ducks are on the road).

Speaking of the Mets, they had a video which was meant to highlight the re-acquisition of Jeurys Familia, who had been traded to the Athletics during the 2018 season. I quickly forgot about Familia when the video included…



People on Twitter were debating whether this meant that the Mets would truly bring back the bullpen cart in their home games, and I suppose this could have been a way to gauge fan interest. I like to think that they wouldn’t go this far without having an intent to bring it back to some degree. C’mon Mets, if you’re going to have that Home Run Apple, the least you can do is bring back a part of *my* youth.

Penny Marshall, the reknowned director and actor, passed away this week. She’s best known for her role on Laverne and Shirley, but I tend to think of her as the director of “Big” and “A League Of Their Own”, not to mention her role as Myrna, Oscar Madison’s secretary, on “The Odd Couple”.

As you may know by now, customs from this “Fauxback” set have a puzzle on the back. Here’s the back to this card.

…and just as a reminder, here’s a previous puzzle piece:

If you’ve yet to identify this character from a broadcast TV series, I’m thinking you probably don’t watch the show in question… But I’ll hold off on the reveal for the time being.

To wrap up, here’s the other Cutch custom, this one by request:

5 thoughts on “Custom Card Sunday: Two Cutches and A Duck

  1. Love the Wally Backman! He really does look like the archetypal minor league manager, doesn’t he? Appreciate the Penny Marshall tribute, too.

  2. I was pretty bummed when I heard about Penny Marshall. I loved watching Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley as a kid. I haven’t had time to dig through my collection to see if I have any cards with her on it, but I love your custom.

  3. Any David Bell cards with the Reds in the offing? Maybe a triple header of Bell with Grandfather Gus and father Buddy in Reds uniforms?

  4. I’m looking forward to a Yasiel Puig Reds card soon. :)

    And the puzzle on the fauxbacks…what a great TV show. One of my current favorites.

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