Custom Sunday: Let’s Focus On Puig And Trout… That Might Put Us In A Good Place

For today’s post I dusted off my “photoshopping” skills.  Not having done this type of thing since last Winter, I have to admit I’m a bit rusty on this stuff.  Hopefully it doesn’t come across as “Amateur Hour”, but then again… I *am* an amateur.

The Orioles, being the worst team in the Majors this past year, got the first pick in the Rule V draft and picked Richie Martin, who had been the 20th overall player taken in the 2015 draft.

The main reason that Martin wasn’t protected on the Athletics’ 40-man roster was because his bat has lagged behind his other skills, but I’m actually fine with that… I would love for the Orioles to have a defensively-oriented shortstop even if he hits as poorly as… well, Chris Davis (without the power, of course).  I think it’s better for the O’s to lose a game 3-1 rather than lose 13-11…  It’s less painful to watch and, if nothing else, it will help with the confidence of the young pitchers they’ll be trotting out there.

In a transaction that got a bit more attention, the Reds picked up Yasiel Puig from the Dodgers in a blockbuster trade that involved seven players and a lot of financial considerations.  One of the more interesting things about this deal is that Homer Bailey, the main piece going to the Dodgers (other than financial relief), was immediately released… apparently that was done to get Bailey to waive his no-trade clause.  I wonder if the Reds have any interest in getting him back.

I’m not a fan of Yasiel Puig, but I kinda like the Reds so I wouldn’t mind it if Puig finds the Great American Ballpark more to his liking than Dodger Stadium.

I was mildly surprised that I even *had to* fake the Reds cap on Puig, as many teams will post photos (either real or photoshopped) on their social media after a big trade like that, but I guess the Reds don’t consider it a priority.

I’m going to do something I don’t often do;  I’m going to “re-issue” the first card in this set.  It got posted at the end of one of my “Giants” customs posts, and I think it got missed by some Reds fans.

Speaking of my tribute to the 1964 “Giants” set, here’s another requested custom from my recent 2018 TSR Giants set…  This time around featuring Mike Trout.  Trout was included in the checklist, but I hadn’t made a custom for him until now.

I’m going to go on an off-topic rant.  The American “Big Three” auto makers have made headlines lately by phasing out their North American cars in favor of SUV’s, crossovers and trucks.  Now I’m one of those difficult people who doesn’t like to sit up high when driving, I like cars.  Back in 2000, when I needed something that could carry more cargo, I didn’t go with a crossover or SUV, I got a wagon (and then another wagon and now a hatchback).  The last time around I gave strong consideration to the Ford Focus…

…But since it had been nearly 20 years since I owned a Ford (because they didn’t have a wagon when I wanted one), I stayed loyal to manufacturer I have been driving lately and got another import.  I know I’m not a great example, being fairly atypical and obstinate, but I can’t help but think that the Big Three are ceding a big portion of the car market to foreign companies, and if the trends ever shift back to cars they’ll be screwed… and, at the very least, I know that I won’t be buying from the Big Three next time around.  Sorry guys, but if you don’t make what I want, I’ll go elsewhere.

These TSR Fauxback cards have a puzzle-back, let’s take a look at this one…

There’s no point in dragging the puzzle out any further… as you may have figured out, the puzzle features Janet, a character played by D’Arcy Carden on the NBC show “The Good Place”.  Janet is… well, it’s hard to describe Janet, but she’s my favorite character on the show, especially after her kick-ass fight scene and the episode where the four humans on the show (again, hard to describe in a sentence) were played by D’Arcy.

Here’s the “complete” puzzle.

So at this point everybody is either saying “Huh?” or “Oh, I love The Good Place!” Hopefully there are more people in the “love” category than the “huh” category.

So I’ve really set myself up as a “different drummer” kind of guy… Give me good-glove-no-bat guys, a car and The Good Place and I’m a happy camper.

What do you think? Do you value defense over offense? Do you like Yasiel Puig? Crossovers and SUVs? Let everybody know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Custom Sunday: Let’s Focus On Puig And Trout… That Might Put Us In A Good Place

  1. I appreciate “defense”, but collecting wise I tend to focus on great “offensive” players. Puig is okay. As for cars, I’m more of a coupe or sedan guy… although my next car might be an SUV. Not a big fan of the “crossover” look… but that’s just me.

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