Show And Tell For January 10th, 2019

Today’s post continues in a “modular” theme I’ve been working with lately; in other words, it’s a series of small posts put together with no attempt to tie them together. I’m making some decent progress in attacking my collection’s disorganization, but that takes “hobby time” away from blogging so it’s either “go modular or go home”.

And with that, let’s launch into some cards.

I’ve been meaning to feature this card for over a year. It’s from the 1992 Studio “Heritage Series” insert, which highlighted 1992 star players in throwback uniforms… in this case, they threw waaaaay back to the St. Louis Browns, a team which pulled up its tent stakes in 1953 to become the Baltimore Orioles.

I’ve got a lot of Cal Ripken cards, but this is one of my favorites.  I’ve actually got a beaten-up replica St. Louis Browns cap somewhere… I wore it a fair amount in college just because it was cool and retro.  The funny thing was, I wasn’t an Orioles fan until 15 years later.

Back in November I shared a few Bowling cards I’d picked up on COMC.  I wasn’t necessarily looking to add more bowling cards, but I found out about these Japanese sets put out by BBM called “Fairies On The Lanes” and I just had to get one.  This card, for Miki Nishimura, is from the 2014 “Fairies” set and… well, OK, it was the most appealing card among the the cheapest ones out on COMC. No offense intended, Miki.

There are videos on YouTube of Nishimura bowling, and she’s notable in that she has a very large backswing.

Here’s the back; about all I can make of it was that one happy moment involved a DVD somehow.

So… Um, I don’t know what else to say about this card. Fun addition.

I finished the 1968 Topps “Game” set a year or two ago, but I ran across this errant scan of HOFer Al Kaline and I figured I’d throw it in because… Well, because Al Kaline. And HOFer.

If anybody is currently considering chasing after this set, I’d encourage you to go for it. The cards are affordable – even this cheapskate found Mantle, Clemente, Mays and Aaron cards that didn’t make me wince – and it’s just a fun set to chase after.

I recently acquired a bunch of commons online, and one of the cards I got was a 2012 Topps Opening Day card of Nick Markakis… by itself not terribly interesting to anyone who’s not an Orioles or Mar-Kick-Ass fan…. but check it out when compared to the corresponding card from Series 2:

Opening Day shows the O’s cap that the team wore in 2011, while the Series 2 card has been “photoshopped” to reflect the new-for-2012 caps with the updated “Cartoon Bird”.  I understand why it happened, but it seems an odd little change to make.  And is it me, or does the photoshopped cap make his face look fat?

One of these days I’m going to do a post ranking the color combinations of 1960 Topps. I find that many of the combinations work nicely, like the colors on this Hobie Landrith card, while other combinations are a disaster.

Hobie Landrith was the first player taken by the Mets in the 1961 expansion draft, causing Mets manager Casey Stengel to famously say “You have to have a catcher or you’ll have a lot of passed balls.” What’s interesting about this quote is that you’ll find a lot of differently-worded versions of this quote out there, so I’m not sure which is entirely accurate. I got this quote from Casey’s SABR Bio page, so I’ll put a bit of faith in it.

Here’s the cartoon from the back of Landrith’s card, which I include because it’s by Jack Davis and he is a god among cartoonists.

So last night I was in our local Target buying shampoo and light bulbs and other essentials of suburban life, and I stopped at the card aisle just to see if they had anything repack-y of interest. I was caught off-guard because they had a 10-packs-for-$12 hockey repack there.

Now to understand how much this threw me, you have to know that hockey cards rarely show up in stores here in Shlabotsylvania. NASCAR and soccer get a lot more play around here than hockey does. I’m not a fan of the current NHL but I do collect hockey cards and I would love to have the chance to pick up cards for my “Dead Parrot” project which features hockey teams which no longer exist… but that’s the catch right there. For a hockey pack to feature a team which no longer exists, it has to be at least eight years old (the Atlanta Thrashers left for Winnipeg in 2011). That means that, in Dead Parrot terms, I would *want* this repack to feature a bunch of “junky” packs from the 1990’s, which is largely the opposite of what people normally want from repacks, but is what people often get.

I hemmed and hawed and ultimately bought the repack, if only to tell the fine people with the card distributors that hockey cards will sell in these parts. Of course, seven of the ten packs were recent Upper Deck packs, but I did get 3 packs from the early 1990’s… and the one pack I opened featured two second-year cards of Auston Matthews, so we’re off to a decent start. You’ll be hearing more about this repack in the future, I’m sure.

And that’s all I have time for today. Stay safe out there.


5 thoughts on “Show And Tell For January 10th, 2019

  1. Agree with you on those 1968 Topps Game cards. Picked up an entire set for under $40 a few years ago. One of the most affordable ways to add a vintage Mays, Mantle, Aaron, and Clemente to your collection.

  2. So much goodness here….1) I love the cap Cal is wearing on that card. I have been looking for one like it that will fit my size 8 noggin for awhile. Second choice would be a white crowned one. 2) the bowling card…Topps ought to have a My Happy Moment back on a base set. Bonus comment: She’s a cutie for sure. 3) 1968 Topps Game cards are fun to chase. I actually played the game a time or two for a blog post idea. It was fun for about that long. 4) Hobie! I just posted his ’58 yesterday. Used that quote, too. It sounds like something Casey would say but who knows? I’m in the begining stages of plotting the color combos of the 1960 set. Are you going to factor in the different lettering combos or stick to the color blocks?

  3. I did not know Jack Davis (one of the founding cartoonists for Mad Magazine) did artwork for Topps baseball cards. Now I’m gonna have to go on TCDB and COMC to see the backs of all of the 1960 Topps cards. Thanks Mr. Shlabotnik!

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