Show & Tell: Cards From A Recent Show

The time change has hit me hard this time around. I don’t have the energy or brainpower to string too many coherent thoughts together so I’m falling back on a simple Show & Tell format.

I’ve liked the simple-yet-appealing 1960 – 62 Bazooka design for quite a while, but I never acquired a card because I never ran across an affordable copy of any player who had any significance to my life at all.  This changed when I found this somewhat poorly hand-cut card of Eddie Yost, who was a Mets coach when I first started following baseball.

It doesn’t look too bad in the scan, but the edges are at some interesting angles and there’s a missing “NO. 6 Of 36 CARDS” from the bottom.  The capless photo doesn’t make for the best example of early 1960’s Bazooka, but at this point I take what I can get.

Oh, I should also point out that my scan is misleading;  these Bazooka cards are fairly small, roughly 1.75″ x 2.75″

Speaking of former Mets coaches, I also got this 1962 card of Joe Pignatano, who was famous in Mets circles for the tomato plants he grew in the Shea Stadium bullpen.

Pignatano only played 7 games for the Giants;  I’m thinking this photo shows him in the uniform of the Kansas City Athletics, a team he played 92 games with in 1961.  This would be his last baseball card as a player.

Fun Joe Pignatano facts: He is the second cousin of former pitcher Pete Falcone, he hit into a triple play in his last Major League at bat (while with the 1962 Mets, naturally), and won a World Championship with the 1959 Dodgers (although he had no plate appearances and played just a half-inning in the field after Carl Furillo pinch hit for Johnny Roseboro late in Game 5).

Although my football collecting has been on the backburner for the last year or two, I couldn’t resist some Steelers cards I found in a nickel box.  This card made me realize that my Steelers wantlist is incomplete because I never took the time to look for playoff and Super Bowl cards which feature the Black And Gold, like this 1976 Topps Football card which features Franco Harris.

…and posting this here reminds me that I still haven’t updated my Football wantlists…

Here’s another card which was on my wantlist.  Any child of the 1970’s cannot resist a card which features the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ original “creamsicle” uniforms.

HOFer Jack Lambert’s a pretty good reason for owning this card, too…

One last Steelers card, this one from 1960. I was originally going to feature this just because of the old school Steelers uniform… you don’t get to see the gold helmets often on football cards. After I scanned it, however, I realized there was something odd about the uniform numbers…

Frank Varrichione wore #74 at the time, but the negative is reversed!

Gotta love the pine trees and the mountain in the background, too. “Come visit Western Pennsylvania! See the loveli pine trees and mani interesting furri animals, including the majestik moose! A moose once bit my sister… No realli!” (Bonus points to anyone who knows what I’m rambling about here).

This 2014 Gypsy Queen “Glove Stories” insert card of Carl Crawford made me laugh, just because I’ve made several custom cards along the same lines. I didn’t realize that there were any real cards that showed a player “ass over teakettle”

I’m not normally one for Allen & Ginter cards which feature non-baseball people… But when I found out that one of my favorite Jeopardy! champions, Austin Rogers, was going to be on a card, I said “Oh, I gotta get me one of those!”

I enjoyed the recent Jeopardy! All-Star Games, but I was disappointed that it wasn’t won by Team Austin… or Team Julia… or Team Buzzy…

I recently found out that Austin had been on Cash Cab years before appearing on Jeopardy.  I’m keeping an eye out for that episode.

I’m going to wrap up with four cards from 2018 Bowman Draft; I got each of these cards because of the player’s name.

With a guy named Jazz Chisholm, I don’t have to explain why his name makes his cards worthwhile. I’d featured a custom of his a couple of months ago.

The immortal Shed Long is no longer a Reds prospect; he went to the Yankees in the Sonny Gray trade, and then was flipped to the Mariners… much to my relief. I can’t root for Shed Long to make the majors with the reviled Yankees, can I?

The parents of this Rays prospect decided, after minimal research, that “Ford Proctor” was a nicely inconspicuous name. OK, maybe not, but his name is so similar to Ford Prefect of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series that I can’t help but wonder if there’s a connection.

A joke which was lost on most Americans (myself included): Ford Prefect was the name of a series of cars in Britain. Patrick Stewart once mentioned in a TV interview that his first car was a Ford Prefect, and both Mrs. Shlabotnik and I looked at each other and said “WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?”

Wrapping up with Griffin Conine… As you might guess, Griffin is the son of former Oriole, Marlin and Royal Jeff Conine. I collect Jeff Conine, and for the time being at least, Griffin will be a legacy PC guy.

OK, that’s enough nonsense from me.

7 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Cards From A Recent Show

  1. Has the person responsible for the credits been sacked?

    Some nice purchases, but as a Browns fan, I see no need for the Steelers cards.

    • Points to Angus! (Also known in certain circles as “Ralph the Wonder Llama”). Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

      As for the Steelers cards… well, we can’t have all of the vintage football cards with Jim Brown’s Caddy in the background. It just wouldn’t be cool anymore.

  2. I still haven’t ever even seen one of the Bazooka’s in person! Obviously one can find them online, but I’d sure like to see just one in real life before committing to a virtual purchase.

  3. Bazooka cards are fun. I bought (and chewed, unfortunately) plenty of that stuff to get the cards off the boxes. Not as far back as 1959 though. Those were the really premium cards and trying to find affordable ones of Johnny Unitas and Billy Pierce is a lost cause.

    I had to cheat to get the movie reference, btw. ;-\

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