Some Of My Favorites From 1991 Studio

1991 Studio, which was put out by Leaf, is a set that doesn’t get a lot of love. Maybe it’s the black and white photos, or the studio setting, or the samey-sameness of some of the portraits. I understand to a degree; across the entire 264 card set, it gets to be a bit much… But taken in smaller doses it’s a very underrated set and should not be overlooked by collectors, especially team and player collectors.

I’m not going to make this any kind of set overview; I just wanted to post a number of cards and make a few comments about why I like these cards and/or the set as a whole.

Possibly the best known card in this set is Steve Lake and his bird Ruffles. The back of the card makes it clear that it’s Steve’s bird, that birds are his thing, and it’s not just some kind of birdy stuntcasting. Bird or no bird, this set shines when the player’s personality comes through in the portrait.

This card shows more of Ozzie Smith’s glove than of Ozzie, but that’s cool. Ozzie’s glove was a big part of his game.

….And “Ozzie’s Glove” would be a decent name for a band.

Just so you don’t think that Steve Lake monopolized the unusual in the set, there’s this card of pitcher Bud Black and catcher Steve Decker… Yes, it’s Black And Decker! Sure, it’s an obvious joke, but I love it anyway.

I found this card interesting for how my feelings about it has changed. Curt Schilling’s expression generates a different reaction from me now than it did back in the day (and I will just leave it at that).

I collect Darren Daulton and this is one of my favorite cards of his.

Cards I like are not limited to the stars and player collections. I like this Ken Dayley card just because it’s…. I dunno. Ordinary and outstanding at the same time.

The pensive Kevin Belcher also resonates with me for reasons I can’t put into words.

Kevin Belcher sees deep within you, into your heart, into your soul. He does not pass judgement, but he KNOWS.

I’ll wrap this post up with Robin Yount, whose sad eyes, weathered face and mustache combine to make him look like the world-weary retired gunslinger forced to come out of his self-imposed exile to save a frontier town and its poor inhabitants, who are being victimized by terrible men interested only in money and cruelty to others.


2 thoughts on “Some Of My Favorites From 1991 Studio

  1. I bought a box of this a while ago. Not a bad set, but collation was awful–have piles of certain cards but am not close to a complete set. Also, the idea of personal info instead of stats was a good one, but they were lazy about it. Very, very few actual anecdotes, just card after card of “watches LA Law and the Cosby Show….likes Top 40 music” and such.

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