Custom Virtual Wax Pack For April 21, 2019

I’m pressed for time today, so this post is going to largely be “random notes with customs”.

When I looked at my fantasy team this morning, reviewing the roster with stats from the last 7 days, I said “Holy cow” when I saw Eddie Rosario’s stats.

For the week, Rosario batted .393 with 7 homers, 10 runs scored, 11 runs batted in and 2 doubles. It doesn’t hurt that Rosario played in a doubleheader against the O’s yesterday, where he went 5 for 9 with 4 runs, a double, three homers and four RBI.

Oh, and in the field he also robbed Chris Davis of a homer… So yeah, a pretty good week.

Red Sox prospect Michael Chavis also had an eventful week.

Friday morning he thought he’d be playing a weekend series against the Syracuse Mets; instead, he flew from Syracuse to Detroit to Tampa Bay on Friday, and made his MLB debut Saturday night with a pinch-hit double in his first at bat.

I was excited when the Mets got Edwin Diaz from Seattle this past winter. He currently has 7 saves and a 1.17 ERA, so I’m still excited about the deal.

I guess the full measure of the deal will come in a couple of years when we see whether the Seattle-bound prospects pan out.

The Cardinals’ Jose Martinez is a guy who seems to have flown under my radar for the past couple of years. For instance, I didn’t realize that he has a .310 career batting average, 121 runs and 139 RBI over 290 games. He’s not quite an All-Star, but still a solid player.

I also didn’t realize he was the son of former White Sox and Indians player Carlos Martinez or that he’d played in the White Sox, Braves and Royals organizations before making his MLB debut at the age of 26.

The Orioles picked up Dan Straily after the Marlins dropped him towards the end of Spring Training. It’s funny how the Orioles have three bearded veteran pitchers in their rotation, and all of them have given O’s fans their share of agita this month.

I’m going to wrap things up with a “Scoops” custom inspired by one of yesterday’s games… The O’s were getting blown out by the Twins, which resulted in Chris Davis making his second career pitching appearance… and giving up a home run to former Orioles teammate Jonathan Schoop.

I hadn’t realized that Davis made his first pitching appearance in 2012; It doesn’t seem that long ago. He’d pitched well, which was a 16-inning affair where Crush pitched two shutout innings and got the win.

I know it’s only 2 appearances separated by 7 years, but on his career Davis is 1-0 with a 3.00 ERA and averages a strikeout for every inning.  That’s not really any worse than other members of the Orioles pitching staff.  I’m not saying Davis should get regular work, but maybe send him out there a little more often than every 7 years.

2 thoughts on “Custom Virtual Wax Pack For April 21, 2019

  1. Love the photograph you chose for that Chavis, as well as how you placed and framed it within your design. If the cards that spilled out of the few packs I’ve picked up in recent years looked half as good as these I’d buy a lot more!

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