Custom “Wax Pack” For April 28th, 2019

I’d gotten several positive comments about the colors I use for these customs, so I thought I’d say a few things about the process I went through – and am still going through, because I haven’t finalized a color combination for every team. This isn’t unusual for me; I sometimes think “I’m going to use these colors for the Astros”, but then when I make my first Astros custom I’ll say “Yeah…. no.”

A number of years ago when I was starting to make customs, I reviewed a number of scans of Topps cards from multiple years and sports and took samples of what I considered to be the “Standard Topps Colors”; I know there’s some sort of printing-related explanation behind how the colors were originally made; I can’t speak knowledgeably about that so I just say “it’s a Standard Topps Color”

For this custom set, I will confess that I used color combinations from 1976 Topps Baseball as a starting point, but I strayed from that on a number of occasions. One example of this is the colors I use for the Indians, which is directly lifted from the red/yellow/grey combination used for the Indians in 1974 Topps.

I made some attempts to go with team colors, especially with my two favorite teams…

If I were making customs for just a couple of teams, then using team colors is not a problem… but I’m making combinations for 30 different MLB teams. There are six teams with red as the primary color, another six with blue as the primary color, SIXTEEN teams which use black or Navy blue as their primary color… You get the idea.

So the Braves might not get Navy and Red, but they get Blue and Magenta (“You’re lucky! He’s lucky! I’m lucky! We’re all lucky!”)

FYI, Acuna has a soccer ball because the Braves were recognizing the Major League Soccer champion Atlanta United before that day’s game.

The D-backs have ugly uniforms so they don’t deserve to get matching colors. (And Adam Jones looks very odd in this uniform).

This color combo – or at least something approaching it – was used for the Padres and Tigers in 1976 Topps… which reminds me to mention that I made a point of not using any 1976 color combos for the same teams that had those colors in 1976.

Every team in my TSR set has a unique color combination, but some teams have the same colors just “flipped”… For example, the Cardinals are yellow and red, the White Sox are red and yellow.

I’m sure there are other things I can say, but I probably won’t remember them until I press “Publish” and go out to mow the lawn.

I haven’t made a lot of my “Baseball Scoops”-inspired customs lately; There hasn’t been a lot happening in baseball that has made me smile or sit up and take notice (thanks to the Mets and Orioles both going 3-7 over the past 10 games), but I do have one, plus I went back and made another for something that should’ve gotten a custom.

Noah Syndergaard hit a home run against the Cardinals, but it shouldn’t have been; the ball went into Dexter Fowler’s glove, came back out and went over the wall. Still counts in the box score.

I also went back and made one for Ichiro’s retirement.

…And that’s our wax pack for the week!

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