Show & Tell: Too Little, Too Late

You know the story… I’ve got several posts in the works, nothing ready to publish.  It’s time for show and tell, and for me to see how many cards I can write about while I eat my breakfast.

Fred Talbot’s 1969 card shows him with the Yankees, but he also pitched for the A’s and the Seattle Pilots… and with the Pilots on July 9th, 1969, he had a game for the ages, pitching a three-hit shutout against the Angels, *and*  hitting a grand slam.  Talbot came up with one out and Jerry McNertney, John Donaldson and Gordy Lund on base, and he knocked it out of the park.  Abolish the DH!

I got this 1984 Topps Franco Harris card – part of the “Instant Replay” subset – from a nickel box in February.

This card (and another nickel box 1984 I’d already featured) turned out to have a small amount of significance in my football collection… and you’ll find out why in a future post.  To quote The Clash, “It’s always tease, tease, tease”.

I didn’t go after last year’s Topps Salute insert set very much, and I don’t exactly collect Satchel Paige… but I really like these St.  Louis Browns uniforms.

Upstairs in my closet I’ve got a 35-year-old Browns replica cap very much like what Paige is wearing… Although mine is beaten up and I haven’t worn it in years.

These Steelers jerseys from the 1960’s are not great, but I kinda wish they’d throw back to them sometime…. Just because.

I didn’t realize until just now that there was a Charles Dudley “Chuck” Hinton who played for the Steelers, Jets and Colts from 1964 to 1972…
…A Charles Edward “Chuck” Hinton Jr. who played for the Senators, Indians and Angels from 1961 to 1971…

…And, according to Pro-Football Reference, a Charles Richard “Chuck” Hinton who played for the New York “Football Giants” from 1967 to 1969.

…Well now I’m kinda tempted to start a combined Chuck Hinton collection.  Both Chucks have some fun oddballs;  Baseball Chuck has an Exhibit, 1964 Topps “Giants”, Topps Stamps and Coins, plus a couple of TCMA cards and a “Swell Baseball Greats” card.

Before I get off Chuck, here are some fun Baseball Chuck facts:

  • He was traded from the Indians to the Angels (for Jose Cardenal) after the 1967 season and then traded back to the Indians (for Lou Johnson) just before the 1969 season.
  • He was an All-Star with the Senators in 1964, and then traded to the Indians after the season.
  • He started in the Orioles organization as a catcher, converted by the O’s to an outfielder, and was selected by the “New Senators” in the expansion draft
  • He was the only member of the 1961-1971 Senators to hit over .300

I’ve got to finish getting ready for work, but I’ll leave you with the “title track” of this post, a song from Barenaked Ladies’ 2000 album “Maroon”, which is what I consider to be the last worthwhile BNL album. I’ll admit I haven’t heard much of their last few albums, but to me it’s a different band if it doesn’t have Steven Page. (Bah!)

3 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Too Little, Too Late

  1. I’m in the process of writing a post involving Dick Allen and I realized you don’t hear people naming their sons Dick anymore. The same goes for Chuck. Anyways… that IA Franco Harris is a great looking card.

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