PWE Backlog #1: Cards From Dime Boxes

I’m so terribly behind in sharing packages I’ve received from my trading buddies that I’m giving up on acknowledging them one package at a time… Until I’m able to catch up, I’m just going to do them a handful of cards at a time.

Today I’m starting with a few cards from an April PWE sent by Nick of Dime Boxes fame.

Mrs. Shlabotnik, who loves Cal Ripken and appreciates a good baseball card, really enjoyed this “150 Years Of Fun” card.  Me, I think I’m getting a little tribute-ed-out, because now I rarely enjoy these types of inserts unless I like the player involved… or unless it’s an exceptional photograph.  This one counts as both.

Nick sent along a number of Mets and Orioles from 2019 Gypsy Queen;  these were the first GQ cards I have held in-hand.

Fauxbacco cards like Allen & Ginter and Gypsy Queen generally don’t speak to me… But I’ll admit that I like this year’s design.  I’m not sure what makes it different from prior years, but I’ll just chalk it up to “it is what it is”.

It’s also yet another 2019 set that I like but don’t “like like”, and yet another reason why my goal for 2019 isn’t based on any particular set, but instead to get a 2019 card of as many different players as I can, regardless of set… along with the usual team and player collecting goals.

OK, enough of 2019, let’s go a little farther back.

I didn’t bother much with the Ted Williams Card Company back in the Nineties, but I appreciate the cards a whole lot more now.  Yes, I know that goes against what I just said about the retired player insert sets… on further reflection, maybe it’s all about which players are being featured.  I’m pretty sure there aren’t any 150th Anniversary cards featuring Dave Kingman.

Because of the “racing stripes” on the Mets uniform, I’m confident in saying that this photo is from Kong’s second stint with the Mets:  He was obtained from the Cubs in a Feburary 1981 trade, and would get released in early 1984.

When I lived on Long Island, it wasn’t unheard of for Canadian coins to make their way into your pocket change, and you wouldn’t notice it until you tried to spend it and your friendly neighborhood 7-11 clerk would point out that they don’t accept nickels with beavers on the back.

Well, If you read the Dime Boxes blog, you’ll know that Nick recently obtained a box of 1970 O-Pee-Chee baseball cards… and some of those cards made their way to Shlabotsylvania.

BTW, the corners appear to be missing thanks to an unfortunate scanning mishap.

I think it was about 10 years ago that I was going through my 1970 Topps cards and I found that a number of my “Topps” cards had French on the back.  Sacre bleu! I pulled those OPC’s out of my binders, but now these Mets and Orioles have me reconsidering whether to go for 1970 OPC team sets of the Mets, Orioles and… Ooooooh, maybe even the Pilots.

Because of that high-numbered Nolan Ryan card in 1970 Topps, a card which is not in 1970 OPC, I might be able to complete a 1970 OPC Mets team set before I complete the Topps set. It’s something for me to think about, anyway.  Like any new goals I’ve been pondering lately, it’s something for down the road, I’ve got too much on my plate right now.

Nick sent many more cards than this, but I’m going to end things here for now. Besides, I’ve got cards from other trading buddies to show off in the near future.

Thanks again, Nick!

4 thoughts on “PWE Backlog #1: Cards From Dime Boxes

    • Then that makes three of us! BTW, I still get Canadian money from time to time, not as much as I used to, but enough to wonder how it is that in 2019 I’m still getting it? One would think that machines would be much more able to discern the difference between coins by now.

  1. Glad you enjoyed everything! I’ve gotten Canadian money at work before, but I have to say I’m more shocked when someone decides to pawn a dollar coin and/or a $2 bill off on me.

  2. I just picked up a 1972 Topps Kingman rookie last week. I’m kind of partial to those OPC baseball sets, especially the 1982’s & 1979’s with the OPC logo & the kids hanging out on it.

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