Custom “Wax Pack”: Taking Things Lying Down

If I didn’t have so many different tasks to occupy my “hobby time”, I would have been putting more work into my custom tasks…

…and it wouldn’t have taken me until the middle of May to finish up the horizontal version of this year’s custom design!

Not to mention that I’ve been dying to use this shot of the Pirates’ long-haired shortstop Cole Tucker sliding into a base.  It doesn’t quite translate to a custom card the way I’d hoped, but I am happy with the way the design translates to landscape format.

…Although I’m looking at the horizontal design and I still have thoughts like “Well, what would it look like if…”, so this may not be a final version.

The Mets have lost two straight to the lowly Miami Marlins, have a four game losing streak and a 5-10 record in the month of May.  From the buzz out there now, it seems I’d better get my Mickey Callaway custom done while he’s still the Mets’ manager.

I like Callaway, but this team often seems to be going through the motions and not playing like a team that was thinking postseason at the beginning of the season.  I wonder if anyone is having second thoughts about Terry Collins as a manager.

To put things in perspective, the Orioles have an identical 5-10 record in May, and everybody expected the O’s to be bad.

With the poor play of my two teams, perhaps it’s not a coincidence that I’ve been having fun making “Joe Shlabotnik” customs which feature images which no player would want used on a baseball card.

Similarly, I’ve no real reason for a custom of Josh Reddick other than I liked the action shot and wanted to make sure that the colors I’d picked out for Houston were going to work (and they do).

For those keeping score, this color combo was ‘borrowed’ from the Orioles/Giants colors in 1976 Topps.

Moving on to some “Scoops” customs…  This week, Edwin Jackson pitched his first game for the Blue Jays and by doing so he set a new MLB record by pitching for his 14th team.

In order of his debut, he pitched for the Dodgers, (Devil) Rays, Tigers, Diamondbacks, White Sox, Cardinals, Nationals, Cubs, Braves, Marlins, Padres, Orioles, Athletics and Blue Jays.  For what it’s worth, he had two different stints with the Nationals;  one in 2012 and one in 2017.

I somehow missed a Mets highlight earlier this month;  Noah Syndergaard earned National League Player of the Week honors, and it was based entirely on the game where he hit a homer and shutout the Reds.

One more custom for what was the last enjoyable game the Mets played…

Right now, Noah Syndergaard has the lead with the most “Scoops” so far…  We’ll see how things shake out as we go.

And with that, I need to mow the lawn before it gets too hot out.

3 thoughts on “Custom “Wax Pack”: Taking Things Lying Down

  1. Border design looks cool, as does all the stuff in this post. I particularly like the Callaway.
    Yea, Micky needs to light a fire under this teams butt before his butt is booted. Hits are too few and too far between lately.

  2. We seem to be sailing in similar boats. It’s a busy time of the year for me at work… and both of my teams suck too. At least you can say you’ve got a cool custom baseball set you’re designing.

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