Custom Cards: The Next Generation

It seems like every time you turn around lately, there’s another 2nd or 3rd generation baseball player making his Major League debut… This year it started with Fernando Tatis, Jr. and went on to Vladimir Guerrero Jr… Now the kids are coming fast and furious, and I felt like I should kick up the Next Generation customs into gear.

Craig Biggio is the latest HOFer to have a son in the Majors… and the latest second-generation player on the Blue Jays.  Welcome to The Show, Cavan Biggio!

Update: Young Biggio just got his first MLB hit

Yesterday, Carl Yastrzemski’s grandson Mike made his debut with the Giants, who are on a pace to have 41 different players roam the outfield this season (and that’s not hyperbole).

Mike was in the Orioles organization for a number of years so I’m happy to see him get a shot.

Last night, Cal Quantrill, son of reliever Paul Quantrill, got his first MLB win, beating the Blue Jays and Edwin Jackson.

Fun stuff:  Edwin Jackson and Paul Quantrill were teammates with the Dodgers in 2003.  Jackson was a 19-year-old September call-up and they both pitched in the same games twice:  September 17 and September 27.

I’ve got plans to do something fun with all of the family connections in the Majors, I’m still working to get what I have in mind to work out the way I want it to in pixels.

This past week I felt like making a new custom template, and I decided to do something to help me remember the Steelers’ first round draft pick come the Fall… Because I don’t really pay attention to football until after baseball is over for me, and by then I might be saying “Who’s this ‘Bush’ guy? Where did he come from?”

I’ve always liked the 1973 Topps football design, so I decided to go ahead with that; I added a “1st Round” graphic to the design, and here we are:

I was pleased enough with that custom that I decided to do a second one. Not knowing who else to feature, I went with the Overall #1 pick, Kyler Murray.

One thing that’s nice about this design is that it’s sport-agnostic… I could just as easily feature a player from the recent Badminton something-or-other cup that I saw on the Olympic Channel recently, and I wouldn’t have to change the design. Honestly, the only thing that kept me from doing that very thing was my not finding a good photo after 5 minutes of searching.

By the way, Badminton played at a high level is mesmerizing.

…But to be fair, it was 6:30 in the morning when I was watching it.

I’ll wrap things up with my obligatory Scoops, Mets and Orioles customs…

Carlos Gomez came up through the Mets system as a kid, but was traded to the Twins in the Carlos Santana deal. The Mets nearly acquired him from the Brewers four years ago in a failed deal that reportedly would’ve sent Zach Wheeler and Wilmer Flores to Milwaukee. Now he’s finally a Met again, and his presence seems to be helping the team’s general enthusiasm, something that was needed.

Keon Broxton was a depth piece acquired by the Mets over the winter, but he never got it going, and never really got a chance to get it going. The Orioles acquired him, and wouldn’t you know it, Broxton hit the first pitch he saw into the seats.

For those of you who didn’t see this story, the Mets also called up MLB veteran Rajai Davis, who had already taken BP with the Syracuse Mets for their AAA game against Lehigh Valley. Davis needed to get to CitiField for that night’s game, so he got an Uber to take him from Pennsylvania to Queens. He got there in the middle of the game and ended up hitting a 3-run pinch-hit homer.

…And that’s it for this week’s pack. Enjoy your weekend, everybody!

6 thoughts on “Custom Cards: The Next Generation

    • That’s a very interesting fact! Thanks Brett!

      As usual… love these customs. When I went out on Saturday to grab food, I was listening to the Giants game and Yastrzemski was at bat. I was wondering if he was related to Carl.

  1. I grew up watching guys like Craig Biggio and Fernando Tatis (and I was even a fan of Paul Quantrill, for some obscure reason), which makes seeing their sons in the big leagues just plain odd.

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