My New Wantlist: Time, Focus, Discipline…

It’s been six days since my last post. At one point I posted every day. Lately I’m doing well if I post 3-4 times a week. And now, here we are.

Part of it, admittedly, is lack of time this week. Numerous tragedies at work (and I use the word ‘tragedy’ semi-facetiously) plus a small emergency (now resolved) at home have eaten much of my time.

But lately I’ve been struggling to stay focused on a single post long enough to get it done. In fact, just after I started *this* post, I distracted myself by remembering something I wanted to check on COMC, and then – hey, did you know that the murder mystery board game “Clue” is called “Cluedo” in the UK, where the game originated? If I’m understanding things correctly, “Cluedo” is a wordplay on “Ludo”, which is a game based on the Indian game “Pachisi”, which was marketed in North America as “Parcheesi”…

Anyway, getting back to the original topic –

Oh, and there was a “Cluedo” game show in the UK in the early 1990’s, and Professor Plum was played by Doctor Who’s Tom Baker! (It’s on YouTube, search on “ITV Cluedo”)

ANYWAY… (And sometimes I think I should’ve called this blog “ANYWAY…”)

What’s not a factor in the many delays is a lack of ideas. I’ve got some a couple of series of recurring posts that I could keep going, some older series I should revive someday, plus I have a number of ideas that I jump around between without ever completing. Just a few examples, I have some thoughts on card numbering which has played into how I approach current sets, plus I recently stumbled across my forgotten copy of the APBA tabletop baseball game and learned how to play it (which will be the subject of a future post), plus I completed a vintage team set, and I *thought* I also completed a second one only to find I’m missing a combo card (since purchased on COMC and awaiting shipment), and so on and so on and so on.

However, for a multitude of reasons – my phone, too many things going on, my phone, lack of sleep, my phone, probable dehydration, my phone – my attention span is fairly well shot.

So first off, I thank you for your patience during my mental derailment; I promise, good stuff is coming.

Second, I thought I’d share a few cards I got at a recent card show; like Cluedo and APBA, these cards were not what I set out to find, but they were still welcome additions to my collection.

1963 Fleer is a “maybe, someday” vintage project for me… The cards are fun, the checklist small, and the whole 66 card set has that “Pssst… Not Topps!” feel to it.  In this particular case, Joey Amalfitano’s Colt .45’s uniform is what caught my eye;  I think that working on my Dead Parrot Hockey project has made me notice teams like the Colts more than I used to.

I’ll point your attention to the bottom of the card, which lists Amalfitano with the Giants.  He actually started his career with the Giants, got taken by Houston in the 1961 expansion draft, played the 1962 season in Houston and then was traded back to the Giants for pitcher Dick LeMay and outfielder Manny Mota.

Wait, Manny Mota was with the Colt .45’s?

I looked him up, and as it turns out, both LeMay and Mota were flipped to other teams before the 1963 season started;  LeMay to the Cubs and Mota to the Pirates.  However, Mota’s 1963 rookie card lists him with the Colt .45’s!  “Awesome, a ZERO YEAR card!” I thought, and went into my card collecting database to flag that card as a “want”.

…Only when I went into that card’s record, the database showed that I already had the card.  Surprised, I went upstairs to the Shlabotnik World Headquarters, pulled out the appropriate binder and….

There it was!  I’m not sure I realized when I bought this card – whenever it was that I bought it – that this was Manny’s rookie card.

BTW, I love the ginourmous .45s airbrushed on Manny’s cap in the B&W inset photo.

Another “someday” project is the 1970 Fleer/Laughlin World Series set.  Once again, “fun” is the key word for this set.  I found this nice condition card for a buck and went ahead and bought it just because.  (It’s interesting how the 1915 Phillies are represented by a logo that would come 57 years after this World Series.)

I really like the 1970 Kellogg’s set, although I don’t really consider this a “someday” set… more of a “probably out of my budget and I’ve got bigger fish to fry” set.  I still love to pick up cheap singles, tho.

I keep saying “I’m going to put all of my football wants on the backburner” and then I run across a 1976 Wonder Bread card of Franco Harris.

…And that was in a show in April.  At the show I just went to a week ago, I bought a team bag full of 1964 Philadelphia Gum Football commons, just because that set has grown on me the past few years (again, “Not Topps!” plays a role).

But yes, all Football collecting is on hold.   (My inner sarcastic dialog says “Whatever, dude”).

Bill White has accomplished a lot as a baseball lifer – he was an All-Star in five seasons, won seven consecutive Gold Gloves, got on a couple of Topps “Leaders” cards, was President of the National League – but to me he will always be the guy in the Yankees broadcast booth with Frank Messer and Phil Rizzuto.  I don’t think of myself as a Bill White collector, but I can’t resist a Bill White card when I run across one.  I probably should face facts and just declare him to be a player I collect.  As it turns out, this is his rookie card, so I suppose that’s a good card to have if I’m going to collect him.

I was going to poke fun at Topps for airbrushing a San Francisco logo on Bill White’s cap on a card which came a year after the team moved from New York…  But then I realized he’d missed all of 1957 and a good chunk of 1958 to military service.  Orlando Cepeda took over at first while White was gone, and all Cepeda did was win Rookie of the Year, bat .312 and lead the league in doubles, so shortly after White was traded to St. Louis shortly after he returned.

Wrapping up with a 1961 Topps Cal McLish;  I actually do have a project involving certain cards from 1961 Topps and I hope to get that series started soon, but that project doesn’t involve Cal… Even so, I couldn’t resist this so-bad-its-good photo.

Oh, I should also mention that when I went to that show last weekend, I didn’t make any progress in this soon-to-be-announced 1961 project because I forgot to add those wants to my printed wantlist, and there are too many steps involved to call home and ask my wife to get it for me (“OK, so go into my collectibles database in Microsoft Access, open up the “Wantlist” SQL query, change the Year to 1961, the brand to “Topps”, the want level to “1”, run that query and copy the result sent into a text message for me, OK?  Thanks!”).

So that’s where I stand this Thursday morning… it is Thursday, right?  Yep, so it is.

By the way, if anybody has any attention span they’re not using, can you send it my way?  A padded envelope isn’t necessary, a PWE would be perfectly fine.  Thanks!

7 thoughts on “My New Wantlist: Time, Focus, Discipline…

  1. Wonder Bread football should be a LOT cheaper than ’63 Fleer, with the Fleer checklist being so rare. I might have some WB singles I can send you if you’re not too picky about bread stains.

    • I appreciate the offer, but I’m not looking to chase any Wonder Bread sets; this was a case of “Oh, hey, a Steeler I don’t already have”.

      Thanks for reminding me about that Fleer checklist, for two reasons: 1) to remind me of the realities of that set and 2) I can work this into a post I’m working on; you’ll see it when it comes along. :-)

  2. Is it wrong that I think the coolest thing about the Amalfitano card is that the photo was taken in the Polo Grounds?

  3. I’m always getting distracted. I find it harder and harder to stay on task with each passing year. Looking forward to watching an episode of Cluedo. Might watch it at work today when the kids are at lunch.

    P.S. Love the 1970 Kellogg’s set too! I’ve debated on digging into the wallet and buying one.

  4. I meant to watch Cluedo last night but fell asleep in front of the TV.

    A more fair assessment of 1970 Kellogg’s would be “Maybe someday… but not until after I finish the 1974 and 1976 Kellogg’s sets.

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