A Custom Look At Players Weekend 2019

I knew it was going to be bad.

Granted, I know there’s likely a long lead-up time for things like the uniform design for Player’s Weekend, but it was clear from the beginning of the season that the Marlins’ black alternates – which are similar in that they have black lettering on black jerseys – were illegible from any kind of distance, so of course the next logical step is to outfit every team with uniforms which are illegible from any kind of distance.

The complaints are everywhere… In a weekend that is supposed to be about the players, you can’t read their nicknames and can’t see the player’s numbers from the stands or on TV. When the black team is in the field, you can’t tell the fielders from the umpires. If you’re in a sports bar or other place where games are on multiple TV’s, you can’t tell one game from another. And so on.

I just want to sit these people in a room and say “Y’know, uniforms have evolved over decades, and a lot of things about uniforms are the way they are for a reason, not because someone just got a bug up their butts and decided that they were going to have a certain amount of contrast between the jersey and what’s on the jersey”

But I do know that the people at Panini are doing a little jig, because they will have an easy time making these uniforms suitable for their unlicensed cards. Say, do you suppose that someone at Panini slipped a few bucks to a key person at a key moment?

So that lead me to creating generic 2019 Donruss “Retro” cards of players in their Players Weekend uniform.

NOTE: The first four were also posted on Twitter, but there are new ones here as well.

ANOTHER NOTE: I did not alter any of these photos, other than cropping and tweaking the brightness/contrast.

This is actually Tampa Bay’s Austin Meadows, but I loved how the helmet’s C-Flap hides his face to make him the ultimate Mystery Man.

Finally, I felt I needed to make a “Scoops” custom to commemorate the weekend.

“White” is the Brewers, “Black” is the Diamondbacks, and Lorenzo Cain is being tagged by Eduardo Escobar.

7 thoughts on “A Custom Look At Players Weekend 2019

  1. These are horrifying.

    I said these uniforms were Panini cards come to life and here we are.

    Also, I don’t care what the “reasoning” was for these uniforms, it looks like it wasn’t well-thought-out at all, unless they were going for “as long as they’re talking about us,” then mission accomplished.

  2. The “Somebody does Something” card is absolute perfection. A big, big laugh from me.

    I could also see a highlight about taking a lot of wickets, because these really look like cricket uniforms! Especially when I see Amed Rosario with his c-flap and bushy beard.

  3. LOL @ that Scoops card.

    The unis were (obviously) a bad idea…I have yet to see a positive comment although I’m sure someone liked them. What’s worse is that MLB could have garnered some positive vibes by admitting a mistake and cutting their losses after Friday night. But they’ve doubled down and rejected the Dodgers’ request to wear regular stuff on the nat. TV game. Stupid.

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