Custom Sunday, 9/29/2019

Three customs today, plus a small request to help me with my plans for the upcoming NHL season… more on this at the end.

The Steelers are playing the Bengals on Monday night, so for one of my 1973 Topps-inspired football customs, I’m featuring wide receiver A.J. Green, the current AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Green had a career-high 227 receiving yards and two touchdowns; both came in the 4th quarter and helped the Bengals beat the Ravens.

If I’m ever looking for ideas of who to make a football custom for, I might just go with “Who helped their team to beat the Ravens?”

JuJu Smith-Schuster was one of the better Steelers in the loss to the 49ers, mainly for his 76-yard TD reception to put the Steelers ahead in the 3rd quarter.

I’m still catching up on my Baseball Scoops customs; here’s one from July, when the Orioles’ bench player Stevie Wilkerson pitched a 1-2-3 16th inning to get the save against the Angels. The Save has been an official stat since 1969, and this was the first time a position played had gotten one.

It pains me slightly that I neglected to include a hyphen between “First” and “Ever”.

At the rate I’m going, you’ll still be seeing these Scoops customs well after the World Series is over.

OK, now on to my NHL request. Back in 2004 when the league lost an entire season to a labor dispute, I walked away from the league and I’m only now considering giving it another shot… The thing is, I no longer have a team because my “ex”, the Washington Capitals, left me. I’m speaking figuratively, of course; I didn’t like the direction they moved in during the 1990’s, and I’m not a fan of where they are now.

If I’m going to give the NHL another shot, it would help to have a team and I’m too indecisive to pick one myself. What I did instead was make a list of 16 teams and started a tournament on Twitter.

We’re in the Elite Eight right now; the Final Four begins Monday morning and the final vote starts Tuesday morning.

If you’re on Twitter and would like to join in on the voting, you can check it out here or you can search on #ShlabotnikNHL2020.

As of right now, I’m thinking that there will be customs involved. :-)


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