Still Lacking Time, Energy & Brain Cells

Intelligently-written, cohesive posts don’t grow on trees… and while I have ideas on several I could be doing, I don’t have what it takes to do one of those today (or this entire week), so I’m just picking scans out of my folders and writing what comes to mind.

I don’t see myself ever doing a “Dead Parrot” project for basketball like I do for hockey, but I occasionally pick up basketball cards representing long-lost teams, especially from the ABA.  I think this might be my first card for the Utah Stars.  While the Stars ultimately folded, they proved that pro basketball would work in Salt Lake City, and the Utah Jazz (almost as ridiculous of a relocated name as Los Angeles Lakers) have proven this to be true.

This 1974/75 Topps Basketball set is an odd one;  some shots are action shots, but all of the posed shots are superimposed in front of a psychedelically-colored game shot.  I kinda dig it.

The following year’s basketball cards look like this… One of these days I’m going to adapt this for some sort of custom design (I almost used it for a curling set I had in  mind to do this winter, but I’m going in another direction, leaving this design out there for some yet-to-be-determined future project).

BTW, I love the double shadows on Dan Issel.

I did a “Forgotten Franchises” post on the Kentucky Colonels over four (!!!) years ago;  The Forgotten Franchises series is not permanently in the “Forgotten Blog Post Themes” category;  I’d like to get back to it some day but the posts are time-intensive.

I recently bought a cheap 1965 Topps “Embossed” card of the Mets Ron Hunt… Not because I like the card… Gawd, no, these things are fugly… but my fairly-recently-completed 1965 Mets team set is 28 cards, which leaves just one card in the fourth 9-pocket sheet.  As a result, I’m making a half-hearted attempt to fill in those open pockets which mock me.

I found this B.J. Surhoff “The Rookies” card in a nickel box… Even if I weren’t a fan of B.J.’s from his time with the Orioles, I appreciate how he often looks good on a baseball card.  One of these days I’ll up my game and actively work on my B.J. Surhoff PC… Once I’ve got fewer irons in the fire.

B.J. has two nephews currently in the Majors:  Pirates infielder Colin Moran and his brother, Marlins pitcher Brian Moran.  Brian made his MLB Debut on September 5th against the Pirates, and the first batter he struck out was his brother.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Back on August 4th I was at a local card show, and I bought this 1960 Topps card of then-catchers Joe Pignatano and John Roseboro.  PIgnatano is someone I collect because he was a Mets coach during my first years of following baseball,  plus it’s just a nice-looking card.

I later found out that the day I bought this card – 8/4/2019 – happened to be Pignatano’s 90th birthday… which just made me like this particular card that much more.

I’ll finish up with a football card I’d scanned 7 years ago and it somehow never made it into the blog.  It always weirds me out to see Fran Tarkenton in a Giants uniform, even though he played five years with the team. From my childhood memories, Fran Tarkenton should be in a purple Vikings uniform with the helmet’s horns logos airbrushed out!

I really liked Tarkenton as a kid;  another “someday, not now” project will be to start a Tarkenton PC… most likely without the very expensive rookie card, but at some point I’ll be keeping an eye out for a badly cut and well loved 1962 Post Football rookie year card of “Francis Tarkenton”… I’m not a rookie card guy, but that one just calls out to me.

OK, that’s enough rambling for now. Gotta get back to the rest of my life.

8 thoughts on “Still Lacking Time, Energy & Brain Cells

  1. Going by what I’ve read on the blogs, I think I might be the only person who actually likes the ’65 Embossed cards. The Dan Issel shadows cards is a classic. I have Tarkenton’s Post card, and can tell you that if you’re patient, an affordable copy can easily be had.

    • To be fair, I’ve never seen an embossed card that hadn’t been jammed into a box of discounted oddballs; maybe I’d react differently to a mint copy. (But that probably wouldn’t help with the ‘death mask’ aspect for me)

  2. To be fair, I’ve never seen an embossed card that hadn’t been jammed into a box of discounted oddballs; maybe I’d react differently to a mint copy. (But that probably wouldn’t help with the ‘death mask’ aspect for me)

  3. The majority of my posts seem to be this way lately, due to the same reasons you describe. I think yours was more informative that you’re giving yourself credit for though! For example, I never thought about the oddness of the LA Lakers and Utah Jazz team names until reading that comment. Hope you find some more time and energy soon!

    • It helps that I was a teenager when the New Orleans Jazz moved and (probably out of necessity) took the low-budget path by keeping the name and uniforms… but I was old enough to have thought “Utah Jazz? What a dumb-ass name!”

      • The irony, of course, is that Utah has a big lake, and LA has a good jazz scene, so the names would work way better if they switched. This suggestion does not go over well with the Laker fans I know. (I don’t think I know any Jazz fans.)

        Nice to know Joe Pignatano is still going strong.

  4. I’m lucky if I have one “intelligently-written, cohesive post” written a year. These days my goal is to not ramble on too much in my posts.
    P.S. It’s not often you get to see double shadows on trading cards. This should happen more often.

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