2019 Post(ess)Season Customs Plus Football And Hockey

So here’s how it happened…

I had this idea of the direction I could take my customs in 2020, and part of it involved a slightly smaller “card size”… Something more like Hostess than a standard-sized card. After a quick review of the five years of Hostess cards, I decided that 1979 Hostess was closest to what I’d had in mind, so I whipped up a template and made up about 8 customs, just to see if it would work the way I thought it might.

I was happy with the way things turned out, so I posted four of them out on Twitter and they were – by my Twitter account’s standards – fairly popular. I guess there’s a pent-up demand for Hostess customs, even ones where the font isn’t quite right.

Part of the experiment was to see how quickly I could turn these things out when the urge strikes. While I’m aesthetically happy with my 2019 TSR custom design, each one takes a while to make and that resulted in my not going as far as I originally intended.

Anyway, I went ahead and continued to make a few to highlight players in the postseason. I’ve got the “original” four from Twitter at the bottom of this post, but here are some new ones using this template:

Because I seem to feel the need to spend too much time on my hobbies, I also created a couple of more football customs to represent today’s Steelers/Chargers game.

Minkah Fitzpatrick was picked up early in the seasons for draft picks… I suspect part of it was to attempt to salvage the season, but the team is currently sitting at 1-4.

I didn’t feel like putting a lot of thought into picking a Charger, so I found an online article about the 100 best players in the NFL and chose the top-rated Charger. Unsurprisingly, it’s Philip Rivers.

I really don’t intend to feature as many quarterbacks as I have so far, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

Moving on to hockey, because, as I’ve said, I apparently can’t rein myself in on these things…

Mika Zibanejad recently scored a hat trick for the Rangers, and I saw an article on – I think – the Hockey News that referred to him as being on the verge of stardom. Interesting. He was also the first “Star Of The Week” of the NHL season and the second player in Rangers history to get 8 points (4 goals, 4 assists) over the first two games of the season.

Mika was born in Sweden to a Finnish mother and Iranian father, is an EDM DJ and speaks Swedish, Farsi, English and Finnish.

The other featured hockey player is the Blackhawks’ Andrew Shaw. Shaw was obtained from the Canadiens during the offseason and was selected somewhat arbitrarily for this custom (I picked one of the Blackhawks’ +/- leaders).

To wrap things up, here are the four images I’d shared on Twitter this past week.

2 thoughts on “2019 Post(ess)Season Customs Plus Football And Hockey

  1. Love the Mika! He is the best player the Rangers have found in quite a while, and has been absolutely on fire in the early goingof this season!

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