Pack Animal: 2019-20 Topps UEFA Champions Match Attax

Before I get started:  For those who are disinterested in soccer cards, I promise that this post is in addition to, not instead of, the two posts I’d already had planned for this week.

Last Friday I was in Target for non-card purposes, but I was kind of feeling like opening a pack or two… despite my semi-resolution to stop buying cards until my next scheduled card show in early January.

I saw some Panini Prizm basketball on the shelf, which Twitter would have me believe is a must-get so I can pull a Zion Williamson, a basketball player I know nothing about other than his cards are very flippable and have spurred a big old lottery mentality.

I left the Prizm for someone who would be more appreciative, and instead grabbed two packs I spotted of…

(takes a deep breath)

2019-20 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax.

Now I know little about the Champions League, other than it’s a competition between the best soccer teams in Europe.  Match Attax I’m more familiar with;  it’s a collectible card game that Topps sells internationally featuring different teams and leagues.

For me, the appeal is that the packs are relatively cheap ($1.49 for 6 cards), the cards were often colorful and could provide me with trade bait or possibly something to send to COMC (although I know from experience that soccer doesn’t sell all that well on COMC). I grabbed two packs and headed for the store’s self-checkout.

So there’s a lot going on with this base card of Jose Fonte (who’s a Portuguese player with the French club Lille OSC).  Lots of design elements and logos and numbers and stuff everywhere.  What doesn’t get picked up in the scans is that the cards have an interesting texture on the front… parts of the card are glossier than others, plus there’s a raised pattern that’s made up of coating rather than ink.

Ederson Santana de Moraes, commonly known simply as Ederson, is a Brazilian goalie with Manchester City.  He’s got an odd yell-y fist-raising pose which is at least different from the typical running with or without the ball photo we have on these cards.

Kenny Tete is a Dutch player on the French club Olympique Lyonnais.

Here’s a shiny shiny “Man Of The Match” card of Portuguese guy Xeka, who also plays for Lille OSC.  I got more than my share of Lille OSC cards in my two packs.

I thought maybe this was a yellow parallel, but it’s a “Pro Performer” insert of the one guy in the two packs I’d heard of before: Jorginho.  He’s a Brazilian who plays for the English Premier League team Chelsea.

The one pack included some sort of team card… Here’s the front…

..and the back, which features the team captain, French goalie Hugo Lloris and also the team manager (marked by the amusing collar-and-tie icon) Mauricio Pochettino… who actually had been sacked (to use the British term) back in November.

All of this seems informational, but I suppose it could factor into game play somehow.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little diversion from the usual subject matter of my blog.  As a small tease I’ll mention I’ve got a series of posts coming up involving vintage soccer – or, to be more accurate, Footballer cards.  Stay tuned!

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