The 1970’s, A To Z: Rob Andrews to Steve Arlin

Recap: I’m going through all of the notable and somewhat notable players and managers of the 1970’s and I’m basically making like it’s an all-encompassing 1970’s throwback baseball card set. For the “card front”, I’m sharing my favorite 1970’s card of that guy. I’m also including a card back’s worth of information and thoughts about him and his cardboard.


Played 1975 – 1979

1970’s Teams:  Astros, Giants

1970’s Highlights:
Andrews was the victim of Juan Marichal’s final career strikeout (Dodgers vs. Astros, 4/12/75); As minor leaguer, he was part of a trade which brought Lee May to Baltimore; hit safely in his first 5 Major League games

Fun Stuff:
Brother of Mike Andrews (who was featured in the previous 1970’s: A-Z post).

Card Stuff:
Shares a first and last name with CommishBob of The Five Tool Collector blog; Signed for the 1980 season with the Mets, but never played pro ball after his 1979 season with the Giants


Played 1976 – 1988
1970’s Teams: Astros

1970’s Highlights:
An All-Star in 1977 and 1979; His first two career wins came on back-to-back 2-hit complete games (the second game a shutout)… This got him Player Of The Week honors; Gave up just 0.3 HR’s per 9 innings in 1979

Fun Stuff:
Came up in the Reds system and was traded to the Astros on 10/24/75 for two minor leaguers to be named later (one of whom, Luis Sanchez, would pitch for the Angels in the 1980’s)

Card Stuff:
The featured 1977 card is his rookie card.


Played: 1956 – 1973

1970’s teams: White Sox, Red Sox

1970’s Highlights:
Starting SS in the All-Star Game in 1970 and 1971, and also an All-Star in 1972; Won a Gold Glove in 1970; Was part of a triple play 5/25/72

Fun Stuff:
Inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1984; 13-time All-Star, 9-time Gold Glove; 1956 AL ROY; Lead AL in stolen bases for 9 consecutive seasons; Played in World Series against the Dodgers with two different teams – 1959 with the White Sox and 1966 with the Orioles; His #11 was retired by the White Sox

Card Stuff:
Appeared on a 1974 Topps card, but was released by the Red Sox late in Spring Training;  While the Yankees had interest, Aparicio headed home to Venezuela instead;  The Yankee sliding in to 2nd in the featured 1972 Topps “In Action” card is Horace Clarke.


Played 1973 – 1977

1970’s Teams: Mets

1970’s Highlights:
Has an infinite ERA in 1973 as he walked the only two batters he faced and one would later score; missed two seasons to arm injuries.

Fun Stuff:
Apodaca was a pitching coach with the Mets, Brewers and Rockies.

Card Stuff:
There are two versions of the “1974 Rookie Pitchers” card he appears on, with the more rare error version spelling his name “Apodaco”; I chose his 1975 card for this post because it is the only card of his which doesn’t feature a head shot.


Played: 1969 – 1974

1970’s Teams: Padres, Indians

1970’s Highlights:
Came within one strike of a no-hitter against the Phillies in 1972 and ended up with a 2-hit complete game; Got the win in Don Zimmer’s first Major League managerial victory; Twice lead the NL in losses (1971 & 1972), and in 1972 also lead in walks and wild pitches

College Stuff:
So much of Steve’s career highlights came in college that I went ahead and gave him a separate category… As a sophomore in 1965 he struck out 20 batters in a 15-inning CG College World Series shutout of Washington State; Was 1965 Collegiate Pitcher of the Year; In the the 1966 CWS, where he lead Ohio State to a National Title, he finished with 28 K’s in 20.2 IP while giving up 2 runs and 5 hits; Steve was the 1966 CWS Most Outstanding Player and would later be inducted into the College Baseball Hall-Of-Fame, the OSU Athletic HOF and the Omaha CWS HOF. His #22 was retired by Ohio State.

Steve turned pro after his junior year of college, signing with the Phillies.

Fun Stuff:
As anyone who’s looked at Steve Arlin’s cards knows, his grandfather Harold Arlin was the first to broadcast a baseball game; The Padres selected Steve Arlin from the Phillies in the 1968 Expansion Draft; Arlin graduated from dental school in 1970, did volunteer dentistry work while an active player and established a dental practice in San Diego after his baseball career was over.

Card Stuff:
I wouldn’t normally feature a “looking up so you can’t see the cap logo” card like this, but I think it’s the best photo of Arlin… plus he decided to retire before the 1975 season, so he was out of baseball by the time this card hit the stores.

4 thoughts on “The 1970’s, A To Z: Rob Andrews to Steve Arlin

  1. Didn’t know Andujar was originally part of the Reds’ system. That was one of the first ’77s I added to my collection as a kid when I was first getting into vintage, and has thus remained one of my favorites.

  2. Didn’t realize Andujar played for the Astros. Remember him from his days with the Cardinals though. Love those 70’s Astros jerseys.

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