My Ever-Changing Goals: Five 1963 Topps “All-Star Rookies”

At one point not long ago I had an idea for a new mini collection… For all the vintage sets which came before my oldest complete set (1973 Topps), I would chase after all the cards with the “All-Star Rookie” trophy on it. This seemed like a fantastic excuse to chase vintage cards, but once I started looking for them at a show, I realized that it wasn’t as fun in practice as it seemed in theory.


I went to a show in January without having updated my wants to remove all the trophy cards, and as I was going through an ordered stack of 1963 commons, I realized that I had a “thing” for that year’s All-Star Rookie cards… They have that big slab of color at the bottom like 1963 Topps cards do, but instead of the little inset black and white photo, there was a big ol’ trophy… and that just appealed to me.  I ended up buying five of them.

I’m still punting on the All-Star Rookie project as a whole, but I thought I’d go ahead and share the cards I got, what they did in that rookie season of 1962, and how much of a predictor of future success it turned out to be; Generally speaking, not great. Surprise, surprise.

Al Luplow – OF

Played from 1961 to 1967
Batting in 1962: .277 with 54 runs, 14 HR, 45 RBI
Career year? Pretty much

Al Luplow, who passed away late in 2017, was the great uncle of current Indians outfielder Jordan Luplow.

Bernie Allen – 2B

Played from 1962 to 1973
Batting in 1962: .269, 79 R, 27 2B, 12 HR, 64 RBI
Career year? Yes
ROY votes: 1 (three-way tie for 3rd)

Bob “Buck” Rodgers – C

Played 1961 – 1969
Batting in 1962: .258, 65 R, 34 2B, 61 RBI
Career year? Yes, but not hugely so
ROY votes: 4 (Second behind winner Tom Tresh)

Managed the Brewers, Expos and Angels between 1980 and 1994

Dean Chance – RHP

Played from 1961 to 1971
Pitching in 1962: 14-10, 2.96 ERA, 6 CG, 2 SHO, 127 K’s
Career year? He won the Cy Young 2 years later. ‘Nuff Said.
ROY votes: 1 (three-way tie for 3rd)

Manny Jimenez – OF

Played from 1962 to 1969
Batting in 1962: .301, 48 R, 24 2B, 69 RBI
Career year? Big time.

For the record, here are the other members of that 1962 Topps All-Star Rookie team:

1B – Fred Whitfield, Cleveland Indians
3B – Ed Charles, Kansas City Athletics
SS – Tom Tresh,  New York Yankees (the A.L. Rookie of the Year)
OF – Boog Powell,  Baltimore Orioles
LHP – Al Jackson, New York Mets

I’ve already got Ed Charles and Al Jackson, so I might just go ahead and finish off this particular “team set”… if I can find affordable copies of Boog and Tresh (Damn that “Yankees Tax”!)

One last note before I go… the 1962 National League Rookie of the Year was Cubs second baseman Ken Hubbs, who got beaten out for the Topps team by Bernie Allen.  A Rookie of the Year getting skipped by Topps is unusual, but not unheard of.  At the very least, I know it happened again in 1973 when AL ROY Al Bumbry got beaten out for the Topps trophy.




4 thoughts on “My Ever-Changing Goals: Five 1963 Topps “All-Star Rookies”

  1. Until now I somehow never noticed that the ’63 Rookie Cup winners don’t feature that small inset picture. Kinda like how the gargantuan Rookie Cups look in place of ’em.

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