George Blanda Was SOOOOOOOOO Old…

GENE RAYBURN: George Blanda was SOOOOOO old…


GENE RAYBURN:  …He was so old, that when he first played football, the cheerleaders were [blank] !

When I was a kid back in 1975, nobody on my baseball and football cards seemed older to me than George Blanda… who, somehow, was an active quarterback and kicker at the same time he was terribly old.

…Except maybe Reds manager Sparky Anderson, who was also terribly, terribly old in my preteen eyes.

I can’t remember what it was that got me wondering this, but I recently pondered the age-old old-age question… Just who was older, Blanda or Anderson?

Towards the end of 1975, as baseball season transitioned to football season…

Sparky Anderson was 41 years old (born February 22, 1934)

…while George Blanda was 48 years old (born September 17, 1927).

And there you have it, the grey-haired active NFL player was older than the white-haired MLB manager.

Full disclosure… right now, in 2020, I am older than either of these “very old” gentlemen were in 1975.  Furthermore, someone who remembers what it’s like to be 48 years old, I think of George Blanda playing in the NFL and I say “DAAAAAAAYAMN!!!!”

(For anyone who is wondering about the Gene Rayburn custom, that one dates back to 2013 when I was actively poking fun at A&G with my “Simon & Gintfunkel” customs.)

Before we leave off, I invite everyone to leave your answer to the “Match Game question” in the comments.  I have one in mind, but I’ll hold off for now to let you think up your own.

Once again… George Blanda was so old, that when he first played football, the cheerleaders were [blank] !

11 thoughts on “George Blanda Was SOOOOOOOOO Old…

  1. Dinosaurs?

    Love the Match Game. Lately I’ve been watching the Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour every morning on Buzzr. It’s a bit cheezy (the Hollywood Squares element wasn’t the best idea), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before and it’s still fun. I hope they’ve already taped the Alec Baldwin version for this summer, too.

    Hard to believe Sparky was just 41 when the Reds beat the Red Sox in that great Series.

  2. Man… I’m not sure if it was another blogger… or what, but I was just doing the same thing with comparing my current age with players I thought looked hella old when I was a kid. The first person I thought of was Gaylord Perry. He looked 60 on his 1981 Fleer and Donruss cards and assuming both companies used photos from 1980… he was only 41 which is seven years younger than I am now. I think next year I’m going to show my students one of those cards and have them guess who is older. If they say me, they’re in for a long year ;D

  3. Gene Rayburn with out question is one of the best game show hosts of all time. He knew how to keep match game entertaining, then combine with Hollywood squares made it one the funniest hours on tv, a show that could have gone on another couple more years. The current match game is lousy. just another game show abc screwed up, cos they could hardly a game show like nbc or cbs can do. What about gordie howe playing hockey into his 50’s, he should a card or to,

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