#WhoWentWhere2020 Customs: Three Guys Who Went To Asia

It’s been a while since I’ve featured any customs here, and since I’ve been watching Korean baseball every morning (and wondering if Preston Tucker’s card values have gone up a few cents over the past week) I decided to show off some “Who Went Where 2020” customs I made a little while ago but got temporarily forgotten by my Stay-at-home Brain.

I’ll start with the most jarring… Former Orioles star Adam Jones went from odd (a season with the Diamondbacks) to even odder as he signed a contract with the Orix Buffaloes of Japan’s Pacific League.

The Buffaloes finished in last place in 2019, so Adam’s got his work cut out for him… but I wish him well, and I desperately hope that if/when NPB starts up, someone will broadcast those games here.  I’m enjoying the KBO, but I’d really like to see some NPB.

Also jumping the Pacific Ocean and fresh off a World Championship, Gerardo “Baby Shark” Parra signed a contract with the Yomiuri Giants of the Central League.

The Giants finished in first, but got swept in the 2019 Japan Series by the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.

One other quick comment…  Along with broadcasting NPB games here, I hope someone can merchandise NPB here as well.  I’d love to get caps for the Giants and Hanshin Tigers.

While watching the Kia Tigers of the KBO, I saw a familiar-looking guy in the dugout.  I eventually found out that the Tigers are managed by former MLB player and manager Matt Williams!

Like in Japan, Korean teams are named for their corporate ownership, and yes, this is Kia, the car company… Sorento, Soul, Optima, Sportage, yadda yadda yadda.

The quality of the photo isn’t the greatest, but I’m still trying to figure out good sources of KBO photos.  This one actually came from the website of the Hyundai Motor Group…  Kia is owned by Hyundai.

That’s all of the overseas updates I have for now.  I’d like to make one for former Orioles pitcher Tyler Wilson, who’s now pitching in Korea for the LG Twins, but we come back to the “Still trying to find good sources of KBO photos” issue.

Since I’m here and posting, I’ll throw in a few more “Who Went Where 2020” customs, just to serve as a reminder of where certain players will be when things start up again.

The Mets signed former Yankee Dellin Betances.  How warmly the Queens faithful will greet Betances will depend on how well he pitches, but I’m sure there will be some who will never see him as anything but a Yankee.

Speaking of the Yankees, everybody knows that Gerrit Cole signed with them during the winter, but… you know, gotta keep the set complete.

Here’s a double reminder: Todd Frazier is in Texas, and the Rangers will have new uniforms.

I’ll wrap things up with Mike Matheny, who is the new manager of the Kansas City Royals.

Well, I’ve got to go mow the lawn now. Everybody take care, I’ll try to be better about posting customs… and posting in general.

3 thoughts on “#WhoWentWhere2020 Customs: Three Guys Who Went To Asia

  1. I like the design you used for these. Also, had no idea that Adam Jones went overseas so this was an informative post for me!

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