Custom Cards For All Ages

I’ve been going pretty far afield with some of my 2020 SAC FLY custom cards… I think maybe the season itself is not interesting me much because of it’s half-assed format, short season and… well, I’m a fan of the Mets and Orioles, so it hasn’t been that great a season for me.

But I continue to crank away at the customs. I’ve made about 90 so far, some for KBO, some for NPB but most for Major Leaguers.

This morning I saw that the Red Sox called up César Puello… He started out as a 17-year-old Mets minor leaguer in 2008 and was in his 10th professional season when he made his Major League debut with the Angels in late 2017. From there… well…

After one game with the Angels he was claimed on waivers by the Rays. He played the rest of 2017 with the Rays, played in AAA for the D-Backs and Giants, played briefly for the Angels and Marlins last year and just popped up again with the Red Sox.

Puello has appeared on Bowman and Pro Debut cards, but has not appeared on any cards at all since 2016, before his MLB debut. I appreciate his tenacity, so I decided to make a custom card for him.

Ron Gardenhire also started out with the Mets, and yesterday he announced his retirement from managing, effective immediately. I made a 2020 custom yesterday…

…and decided to have a little mini custom card retrospective for Gardy.

2014 TSR

2017/18 TSR Hot Stove

(I don’t know about my readers, but even though they were pretty labor-intensive to make each custom, I really like the way my Faux Post cereal cards came out. I may have to do something like these again this winter.)

I made this custom the other day just because I liked this photo of Danny Jansen, even though it’s not a great photo, technically speaking.  But I like it anyway.

On occasion I take some liberties with my customs. I really liked this photo of Jake Marisnick leaping for the ball… except for the small unfortunate detail of his not catching the ball. So I digitally removed the ball. Always remember, boys and girls, that images are not always what they seem.

I’m not playing Fantasy Baseball this year for the first time in I don’t know how long… 15 years at least. Maybe 20. Anyway, one thing I’ve learned over all those years is to NEVER start a pitcher for his first appearance after a no-hitter.

Mills wasn’t awful in his follow-up game, but he wasn’t worth starting either. If I remember my Yahoo points system… 6 innings pitched for 18 points, add 7 strikeouts to make 25 points, minus 7 points for 6 hits and a walk, minus 4 points for four earned runs, minus 5 points for the loss, resulting in 9 points. Yup, not awful but you’d be annoyed that you started him.

But I believe that catches me up on the no-hitter customs for the year so far.

No particular reason to make a custom of Corbin Burnes other than to remind myself how much these particular Brewers uniforms make them look like Cub Scouts.

I do like the new Brew Crew uniforms, but as someone who ascended up to the scouting ranks to the lofty level of First Class Scout, I can’t get past the Cub Scout thing.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Boy Scouts, “First Class” is basically how far you get if you are in Boy Scouts for years but don’t apply yourself because the merit badges, skill awards and such are not what you’re there for.

Anyway… Let’s share one more custom before I move on to things I should be doing in real life…

I believe that Randy Dobnak has been assigned to the ominous-sounding Alternate Site, but between the glasses and the Fu Manchu, I had to make a custom of the guy.

Few will understand the reference, but I like the Vince Guaraldi vibe he gives off.

OK, that’s enough for today. Enjoy your Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Custom Cards For All Ages

  1. Yes, the Brewers unis do remind me of Cub Scout uniforms. It’s funny, but I had some good times back in my Cub Scout/Boy Scout days. We had a name for the ones who never advanced beyond First Class. “FFC” or Forever First Class. I actually made it to Life rank (the level below Eagle Scout), but by the time I got there at 16, I was already busy with school and a part time job, because my folks weren’t going to fund my car or my card habits anymore. So I had to leave Scouts.

  2. I’m a huge fan of those Post customs as well! I know next to nothing about actually making customs, but just from the looks of ’em they seem like they’d be a tough job.

  3. So jealous of Gardenhire. It must be so nice to be able to retire right on the spot. If I could afford it… I’d retire today… and pull a Jordan and come out of retirement as soon as this distance learning thing ends.

  4. I like the new Brewers uniforms, better colors much better than what they had last year, too no yellow shirt with blue letters & numbers. Can also say the same for the Padres great looking uniforms. The worst uniforms belong to the Phillies & there horrible piping looking, & the Marlins with there blacks shirts with black numbers & letters.

      • Ain’t that the truth. I decided to check out some baseball (finally) last week and happened upon a Marlins game. I couldn’t determine the pitcher’s number from the standard centerfield camera shot. Heck, I could read it when they had a close-up on him at the conference with the catcher. It’s as bad as my U of Houston’s red numbers on black jerseys. Unreadable. Uni designers need to sit in the stands a bit before they come up with these dumb ideas.

        Well, it that doesn’t sound OK Boomer-ish I don’t know what does. ;-)

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