There Is A Mountain

(I can’t put emojis in a blog, but just imagine that I’m putting a little “musical notes” emoji here… or, if you’re vinyl-y inclined, imagine the sound of the needle being placed on the record)

First there is a mountain…

Then there is no mountain…

Then there is.

So I’m not going to get into details about this because I don’t know what to say other than this:  For thirty years the Angels trained in Palm Springs, California.  Palm Springs is east of Los Angeles, located in the Coachella Valley.  To the west of the Coachella Valley there are mountains.  These mountains make a lovely background for photographs.

Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there!

So I’m packin’ my bags for the Misty Mountains where the spirits go, now… over the hills where the spirits fly…

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough…

And it wasn’t just Angels who got the mountainous treatment.  (Update:  These cards feature the butte in Tempe, AZ… not Palm Springs, not a mountain.)


18 thoughts on “There Is A Mountain

  1. 🎵🎶 Along the drifting cloud, the eagle, searching down on the land … 🎵🎶

    That song is now in my head the rest of the day.

  2. Hadn’t heard that Donavan song before… but I like it. “First there is a mountain…then there is no mountain… then there is.” I wonder if this guy was heavily medicated when he wrote this song.

    • Yeah, Donovan was famously the first British rock star to be arrested for possession of cannabis. Love his music though, and this is one of his absolute best. Just so catchy.

      I always thought someone should put the “trial by combat” scene from Game of Thrones to this song. You know, first “The Mountain” was alive, then he was dead, then he was alive….

  3. Great post. Misty Mountain Hop is easily my favorite among that group of songs! I wore that album out when I got it in 6th grade and still listen to it to this day. Have a vinyl copy even!

  4. I had an extended business trip to Yuma, Arizona a few years back. I had flown into Phoenix and got myself turned around coming out of the airport with my rental car and was heading east on I-10 instead of west. Almost immediately I saw this butte that looked familiar but it wasn’t until the highway made a right turn and I saw the Tempe ballpark that I realized why it looked so familiar…

  5. Denny Doyle’s Topps 1975 card looks almost identical as his 1972 Topps card 768, only difference is uniform & slight camera angle. Interesting article, most player photos are usually taken from spring training site.

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