Getting It Together: Cards from Dimebox Nick

I’m reaching the point where I have so many sins against me that I can only go so far in blaming them all on 2020.  Yes, my tendency to compartmentalize things has helped this year when taking it one day at a time is a positive trait, but in my case that’s also morphed into a bad case of “out of sight, out of mind”.

While organizing some scans in an attempt to get my ducks in a row,  I ran across a number of scans I’d meant to write about months ago, including a bunch of cards that were sent to me by Nick of the legendary Dime Boxes blog.

I don’t want to spend too much time on my mea culpa, so I’ll get right into the cards.

I thought that Nick sent me two of the same card by mistake, but instead it’s a Gypsy Queen card of Chance Sisco and its parallel.  I don’t pretend to understand Gypsy Queen.

Even though I got this card in 2020, this Jonathan Villar card was my first glimpse at 2019 Topps Gallery.  I enjoy getting Gallery cards, but I rarely see them anywhere but in trade packages.  I didn’t even bother looking at the shelves of the nearby Walmart this year… in fact, I’m not sure I’ve even seen an image of 2020 Gallery at this point… but anyway…

The art on this particular card is by Dan Bergren, BTW

Sega Card-Gen cards are near the pinnacle of 21st Century Oddballs for me.  This Josh Thole card is just the second one in my collection, and I’m a little insulted that Thole got just one star… not that I know what the star ratings really mean.

For those unfamiliar with these cards, they’re actually Japanese cards made from 2009 to 2013 and I believe they are meant to be used with an arcade game.

I go to far more minor league games than Major League games, and I’ve got a long track record of doing a poor job of scouting players I’ve seen.  Among those I had tabbed for greatness is Tommy Joseph, a one-time Giants catching prospect who was one of the players sent to the Phillies when the Giants acquired Hunter Pence.

Tommy has not played in the Majors since 2017 and is now a minor league free agent first baseman, but I still collect him and still hope he gets back to The Show.

Back in 2008 there was an Indian reality show called “Million Dollar Arm” based on an attempt to find Indian athletes (many of whom grew up playing Cricket) who could be taught to play baseball.  Afterwards, two of these athletes got a professional contract with the Pirates and also ended up on 2009 TriStar Prospect cards.

Dinesh Patel pitched 13.2 innings over two seasons in the Gulf Coast League, but Rinku Singh was able to stick around a while, playing 5 seasons and getting as high as A ball.  More interesting than that, Rinku Singh is currently a wrestler in WWE NXT.

There was a 2014 movie starring John Hamm, also called “Million Dollar Arm”, which is about these efforts to find Indians who can play baseball.

This card of Mike Boddicker is from the 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites set…  I’ve got a post or two in the works about some of the cards I have from these Fan Favorites sets, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Years ago when I bought a box of SSPC cards from a dealer at a show, I hadn’t realized that most of the Yankees, Phillies and Orioles had been picked out… so this 1976 SSPC Don Baylor card was welcomed as one I hadn’t picked up yet.  Here’s your bit of useless trivia for the day:  Don is not short for Donald, his legal name is “Don”.

This last card I’m featuring today came with a note from Nick… I can’t find it right now because there have been 5-6 months of disorganization in between, but it said something along the lines of “I thought you might appreciate this card”.  Indeed, it was one of the highlights of the package.

This is a 1969-70 Footballers card put out by a company called A&BC which operated in England under a license from Topps (which is why the design is very similar to 1968 Topps Football). Although I wouldn’t exactly claim to collect British soccer cards, I always enjoy picking up new ones… This one is my 2nd card from this particular set, my 42nd English or Scottish soccer card and the 101st card in my overall soccer collection.

Here’s the back of the card… David Sadler played 11 years for Manchester United, made 4 international appearances for England and made one appearance with the Miami Toros of the old North American Soccer League.

Thank you, once again, Nick! I apologize that it took so long to thank you for these particular cards, but just because I’m late in publicly acknowledging these cards doesn’t mean that they haven’t been enjoyed in the meantime.


8 thoughts on “Getting It Together: Cards from Dimebox Nick

  1. I’m the king of leaving scans in my trade folder for way too long, so no worries at all! Glad you enjoyed everything! I still have absolutely no idea where that soccer card came from – found it in a random box of cards stashed away in my closet. Happy it found a good home.

  2. Can’t call me “judgey face” cuz i’m backed up three months myself! I miss Fan Favorites. That’s something I ‘d throw a few bucks at if Topps did another run. I’m surprised they haven’t.

  3. Read this a few days ago but couldn’t comment on the device I was reading it on. Wanted to circle back and say that I LOVE that ’69 Manchester United card, great stuff!

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