The 1970’s, A To Z: Wayne Gross to Ron Guidry

Recap: I’m going through all of the notable and somewhat notable players and managers of the 1970’s and I’m basically making like it’s an all-encompassing 1970’s throwback baseball card set. For the “card front”, I’m sharing my favorite 1970’s card of that guy. I’m also including a card back’s worth of information and thoughts about him and his cardboard.


1978 Topps #139

Played 1976 – 1986
1970’s Teams: A’s

1970’s Highlights:
Was named to the 1977 Topps All-Star Rookie team and was the A’s representative at the 1977 All-Star Game; Involved in a Major League record three Triple Plays in 1979 – May 7th vs. the Orioles, June 19th vs. the Royals and June 23rd vs. the Rangers

Career Highlights:
Hit a homer in the 1981 ALDS; Pitched 2.1 scoreless innings in a 16-5 loss to the Twins 5/18/83


1976 Topps #143

Played 1963 – 1981
1970’s Teams: Mets, Dodgers

1970’s Highlights:
Was named to the All-Star team in 1974; Played in the 1973 World Series with the Mets and the 1977 and 1978 World Series with the Dodgers; Set a Major League record with 20 putouts in the 1970 game where Tom Seaver struck out 19 Padres

Career Highlights:
A member of the 1969 “Miracle Mets”, Grote was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame in 1992; caught a 24-inning game without an error in 1968

Fun Stuff:
Grote and several other 1969 Mets appeared in an episode of the TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond”; On September 27, 1963 the Houston Colt .45’s had a starting lineup made up entirely of rookies, including Grote, Joe Morgan, Jim Wynn and Rusty Staub

Card Stuff:
Had cards in the 1971 Topps “Baseball’s Greatest Moments” set and in 1976 Hostess; Didn’t appear in 1977 Topps despite playing in 101 games in 1976


1976 SSPC #130

Played 1972 – 1987
1970’s Teams: Padres, Indians, Rangers

1970’s Highlights:
Represented the Padres in the 1974 All-Star Game; was named to the 1973 Topps All-Star Rookie team; Was named as an outfielder on the 1970 College World Series All-Tournament team; set a Padres record with 36 doubles in 1975 (He’s currently tied for 16th on the Padres list with Tony Gwynn and Bip Roberts)

Career Highlights:
While with the Tigers he got a hit in the 1984 World Series; Made his last MLB appearance in the 1987 ALCS vs. the Twins

Fun Stuff:
Was a college teammate of pitcher Mac Scarce at Florida State

Card Stuff:
His 1975 Kellogg’s card says that he collects baseball cards “such as this one”; His 1977 O-Pee-Chee card has an airbrushed photo after he was traded to Cleveland; His 1974 rookie card has a “Washington Nat’l Lea.” variation


1971 Topps #518

Played 1961 – 1972
1970’s Teams: Senators, Cardinals

1970’s Highlights:
Joe is here mainly as an answer to several trivia questions… He threw the final pitch and got the final out in Senators history before fans stormed the field and caused the game to be forfeited to the Yankees; Got the Senators’ final win two days earlier and final save before that

Card Stuff:
Pitched in 56 games scattered over four Major League seasons before getting a rookie card in 1969 Topps (14 years after he broke into pro ball as an 18-year-old)


1978 Topps #135

Played 1975 – 1988
1970’s Teams: Yankees

1970’s Highlights:
In 1978 he won the Cy Young Award and was named The Sporting News MLB Player of the Year while leading the league with 25 wins, a 1.74 ERA and 9 shutouts (a Yankees team record)… he also struck out 248 batters (also a Yankees record) and pitched 16 complete games; Received 8 first place votes in 1978 MVP voting and finished second to Jim Rice; His .893 winning percentage (25-3) in 1978 is a Major League record for a starting pitcher;  Lead the league in ERA (2.78) in 1979;  Struck out 18 Angels on June 16, 1978 to set a Yankees team record and an American League record for lefties; Was the Yankees’ opening day starter in 1978 and 1979;

Career Highlights:
Was a four-time All-Star;  Won five consecutive Gold Glove awards in the 1980s;  Also won 20 games in 1983 and 1985;  Won the Roberto Clemente Award in 1984;  Has three career World Series wins and 2 career ALCS wins

Fun Stuff:
His nicknames are “Louisiana Lightning” and “Gator”;  Gave up Dick Allen’s final homer (#351) in 1977

Card Stuff:
Guidry’s 1979 Topps Burger King card uses the photo from his 1979 Topps “Record Breaker” subset card

7 thoughts on “The 1970’s, A To Z: Wayne Gross to Ron Guidry

  1. I remember Gross manning the hot corner at the Coliseum when I was younger. And that 78T Guidry is fantastic. I’ve been looking for a signed and slabbed copy for a few years now.

  2. Wow, the Grote bio mention of the Houston Colt 45’s all-rookie lineup on September 27, 1963 is a fact I never knew. What an interesting notion that was! Harry Craft was their Manager that season. I wonder who the Starting Pitcher was in that game, the outcome of the game and other details?

  3. >Involved in a Major League record three Triple Plays in 1979
    Given how bad the 1979 A’s were, I’m assuming he hit into all three…

    Wait, Jerry Grote played for someone other than the Mets?

  4. Interesting facts on joe grzenda, too bad the senators had to relocate. I like the classic padres uniform on johnny grubb those early 70’s uniforms are really cool up until they switch to blue uniforms.

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