2021 TSR Daily: About The Design

Welcome to another virtual pack of my 2021 TSR Daily custom card set… if you’re wondering why it’s called “Daily”, that’s because I Tweet out a custom each day and then share them here each week, sort of like opening a pack.

After this post’s first custom, I’m going to talk a little bit about how I came up with the design…

Teoscar Hernández won a Silver Slugger Award and lead the Jays with 16 homers and a .579 slugging percentage. The Jays acquired him and Nori Aoki from the Astros in a 2017 trade for pitcher Francisco Liriano.

OK, about the design… I’ll freely admit that it’s a mash-up of several different influences… or it’s completely derivative, depending on how you want to look at it.

Early in 2020 I was playing around with some ideas for some custom card project – I’ve since forgotten what that project was – and was originally going for a straightforward version of the 1957-58 Topps Hockey design. (I don’t yet own any of the cards, so I borrowed these images from Trading Card DB)

…But even though I did an OK job of duplicating the design, it turned out to not fit what I looking to do.  For several reasons I didn’t want to have a colored background behind the player, and I quickly discovered that the background was an integral part of the original, and without it the design was very ‘meh’.

The fact that Carlos Beltrán is listed here as the Mets manager gives you an idea of when all this was going down.

Just for grins, and out of stubbornness, I started to play around with it… making the image size larger, moving elements around and changing their sizes and colors, adding and subtracting different pieces and parts borrowed from other vintage designs and modifying what was intended to be an off-white border into flat-out grey (on the way I tried and abandoned some experimentation with textured borders).

At some point I realized that what I had was sort of like a mashup of 1957-58 Topps Hockey and 1985 Fleer baseball, so I leaned a little harder into the Fleerness.

I was still playing around with this design when everything shut down as a result of the pandemic.  By that point I liked this design enough that I didn’t want to use it when nobody knew if or when the season would start, so I shelved it and came up with a different design… one which was meant to be a quickie throw-away but which I also came to like quite a bit.

So that’s a very very quick view behind the process for this year’s design, for those who wonder how I come up with these.

OK, let’s get back to the pack.

Paul Goldschmidt was recently ranked one of the Top 100 in MLB and in 2020 lead STL in runs, AVG, doubles and walks.

Trivia in search of a cartoon: Goldschmidt has the most homers and RBI of anyone born in Delaware.

2020 AL Rookie of the Year Kyle Lewis lead the Mariners in Runs, Hits, Homers, Batting Average and Walks. He got all 30 1st place ROY votes to finish ahead of some White Sox guy named Robert.

Randy Arozarena had just 42 regular season games under his belt before his breakout postseason and ALCS MVP award. He’s got as many postseason runs as he has regular season runs (19 each), more postseason RBI (14 vs. 13 regular season), and his postseason batting average is 72 points higher than his career batting average (.358 vs. .256)

Jesse Winker lead the 2020 Reds in batting, OBP and slugging (.255 / .388 / .544) and only Trevor Bauer had a higher Wins-Above-Replacement for Cincinnati.

Not counting 2011 (when Mike Trout made his Major League debut in July and finished the season in Anaheim), 2020 was the first season where he didn’t lead the league in any of the usual statistical categories… but he did win a Silver Slugger and got some MVP consideration.

Last custom… Kyle Hendricks pitched a 9 K shutout in the Cubs’ season opener and over the season allowed just 8 walks (against 64 Ks) in 81.1 IP

And that concludes this pack.  No inserts again, but our luck will change in the future.

Next time around I’m thinking I’ll talk a little bit about the colors I’m using.  There *is* a method to my madness, and quite a bit of compulsive behavior on my part.

7 thoughts on “2021 TSR Daily: About The Design

  1. Some of sets that are produce today, are mash ups of prior sets. Topps 2021 baseball looks like a Donruss set from a few years ago. The current Donruss cards have gotten lazy, same pattern year after year. Maybe they are waiting for a MLB license to make looking cards. The cards you custom, look good. The Carlos Beltran looks good, compared to the 57-58 Topps hockey that has solid color background which 3 of 4 cards were oblivious game shots.

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