2021 TSR Daily: About The “Checklist”

Welcome to another virtual pack of my 2021 TSR Daily custom card set… if you’re wondering why it’s called “Daily”, that’s because I Tweet out a custom each day (#2021TSRDaily) and then share them here each week, sort of like opening a pack.

This is the third post in this series, and this time I’m going to talk a little bit about how I’m going about selecting the players to be featured in this set.

One of my minor peeves about the checklists of 21st Century sets is that they lean too much on star players, rookie cards, Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs and Red Sox, all to varying degrees.

For my set, I wanted to be fair about which teams were represented and maybe not spend so much ‘real estate’ on rookies who could end up being the next Henry Owens or Zach Lee (ask your friends who were collecting five or six years ago).

In thinking about giving more cards to the less successful teams (who do, after all, have fans) and cutting back on the ‘usual’ teams, it reminded me of a project I did three years ago when I did a current-day version of the 1964 Topps “Giants” set and made sure I did three customs for each team, just like the original.

It was a fun exercise because it made me think about which players from the World Champion team to leave out and which players from a rebuilding 100-loss team to include.

Once I started thinking along those lines, I figured that if I did a custom a day from roughly mid-February to mid-October it would give me 240 customs, which could be broken down to 8 cards for each of the 30 teams.  That’s the plan for now, but if we get to the All-Star break and one of these rebuilding team trades away anybody that has any value at all, then maybe I give some extra slots to a team that has players worthy of inclusion.  We’ll see what happens.

OK, so let’s rip into this pack.

2020 AL Cy Young winner Shane Bieber lead the Majors in ERA (1.63) and strikeouts (122) and tied Yu Darvish for the most wins in the Majors (8)

DJ LeMahieu got a 2020 AL MVP first place vote and lead the league with a .364 average. His re-signing came as a tremendous relief to Yankees fans everywhere

Silver Slugger winner Juan Soto lead the Majors with a .490 On-Base % and a .695 Slugging %, plus lead the NL with a .351 Batting Average

2020 NL ROY Devin Williams also got Cy & MVP votes, gave up just 1 ER over 27 IP and struck out 17.7 per 9 IP

Insert time!  I’ll admit that I’m still working on ideas for inserts, so for now I’m going to press ahead with the “Managers and Coaches” insert set.

It wasn’t a huge surprise that someone would hire AJ Hinch after his suspension was over.  There weren’t a lot of openings for Hinch to pursue, so here we are.

Chris Bassitt got some Cy Young votes and was the AL September Pitcher of the Month after going 3-0 in four starts and giving up 1 ER over 26.2 IP

Trevor Story lead the league with 4 Triples and 15 stolen bases, and also lead the Rockies in runs, hits, doubles, homers and slugging %

Joey Gallo batted below the Mendoza Line in 2020, but he won a Gold Glove and lead the team in On-Base %. 

These powder blue Rangers unis are growing on me, but I’m still of the opinion that the Rangers have a fairly uninteresting visual history.

This pack also came with a “promo card” for a possibly upcoming non-sports set: 2021 TSR Wheels.  I’ve made a stab at a car-based custom set before, and as part of my custom-making insanity of late, I came up with a new design that I quite like.

Our packaging engineers at The Shlabotnik Report managed to fit a “Tall Boy”-sized card (4.66″ x 2.5″) in a standard-sized pack.  Kudos to them for this achievement!

The Mustang Mach-E, from what I’ve read, is not so much an electrified Mustang as it is a Mustangified electric crossover.  I read an article recently that said that people who have driven an electric car before are more likely to consider buying one, and I have to admit that driving a rental Prius for a week about 18 months ago (after my car had been in a fender bender) made me a lot more receptive to the idea of owning one.

OK, that’s more than enough for this post.  Have a good week!

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