2021 TSR Daily: More From Series 2

Welcome to another virtual pack of my 2021 TSR Daily custom card set… if you’re wondering why it’s called “Daily”, that’s because I Tweet out a custom each day (#2021TSRDaily) and then share them here each week, sort of like opening a pack.

This is the fourth post in this series, and I don’t think I have anything in particular to say about my custom set this time around…

Oh, I’ll mention that it’s “Series 2” because I did one custom from each team and now I’m working through the batting order for the 2nd time… so it’s Series 2.

Salvador Perez plays in KC and missed 2019 after ‘Tommy John’ surgery, so so people might have forgotten that he’s a 6-time All-Star who’s won 5 Gold Gloves and 3 Silver Sluggers and was the 2015 World Series MVP. He recently got a 4-year, $82M extension, which is a big outlay for the Royals.

New Dodger Trevor Bauer was the NL Cy Young winner with the Reds last year and lead the league with a 1.73 ERA.  I wasn’t sure I wanted him to sign with the Mets, but since he blew the Mets off and signed with the Dodgers, I’m frankly hoping he flops and flops hard.

I’ve been brainstorming some “Blog Exclusive” inserts to include in these virtual packs.  I’ve got a few in the works, but the only one where I’ve gotten far enough to publish something is this set of “stamps” which is loosely based on my TSR Daily design.  This time around I’m featuring players who, like Bauer, have changed teams in the offseason:  George Springer, Andrew Benintendi, Nolan Arenado and Francisco Lindor.

For anyone who is interested in the “behind the scenes” stuff, these were all “Photo day” shots in front of a solid background, and I removed that background and substituted some Spring Training ballpark backgrounds that I’ve accumulated over the years.

Tarik Skubal, the Tigers’ #2 prospect according to Baseball America, was recently told he’d start the season in the rotation. He’s got an interesting name and, as you can see, he’s got a high leg kick. What’s not to like?

Two-time All-Star Xander Bogaerts lead the 2020 Red Sox with 36 runs and a .502 Slugging Percentage. It’s something of a badge of honor for me that I no longer have to look up how to properly spell “Xander Bogaerts”

Shortstop Tim Anderson lead the Majors with a .335 average in 2019 and last year he won a Silver Slugger.  I need to get back into Fantasy Baseball this year… without that constant exposure to stats, I will admit I didn’t realize how accomplished Tim Anderson is.

2019 NL ROY Pete Alonso got off to a slow start in 2020 but still lead the Mets with 16 homers.

Yu Darvish finished 2nd in Cy Young voting and lead the NL with 8 wins… So of course the Cubs traded him to the Padres. I suspect that the NL Central is going to be a “Doesn’t anybody want to win the division?” situation like the NFC East was this past football season.

OK, that’s it for this pack. Hopefully you’re not like me and have been able to open some real packs lately. I’ve nearly exhausted my supply and the only unopened pack I have left is from a 1990s “Mr. Bean” set.

4 thoughts on “2021 TSR Daily: More From Series 2

  1. As usual, love the Shlabotnik Set! Those stamps are particularly cool. Gonna be a while before I get used to seeing any of those guys in their new uniforms.

  2. I did manage to get a three-pack of hanger boxes of Series 1 from Target. Haven’t opened them yet, but I plan to start tomorrow night to celebrate my getting my first vaccine dose tomorrow!

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