2021 TSR Daily: A Pack From The Dollar Store

I apologize… Last week was a little crazy, and today I’m feeling under the weather, so my virtual pack of custom cards (called TSR Daily because I Tweet out a custom each day #2021TSRDaily ) is base cards only, like a pack you would get from a Dollar store… if they even do that anymore.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in a Dollar store.

Oh, just remembered that there *is* one insert, but it’s not one I made. You’ll see that at the end, but first let’s roll through the base cards for the week.

In 2020, Germán Márquez lead the league in starts and Innings Pitched, and lead the Rockies with 73 strikeouts

When I Tweeted this I neglected to mention that this custom marks the end of “Series 2”. I don’t know how long I can stick to this, but my “mission statement” for this custom set is that I’m going to make an equal number of customs for each team, and for now I’m doing this by doing one for each team and then going back and doing each team again. With Márquez, I’ve finished my second “lap” around the Majors.

J.D. Martinez was an early winner of the AL Player Of the Week and currently leads the league in hits, home runs and RBI (although he’s tied with others on a couple of these.

Current card sets don’t have enough portraits, IMHO.

The danger of pasting my original Tweets into this post… At the time I tweeted this custom of Ronald Acuña Jr. I’d mentioned that he was leading the Majors in a number of categories. A little less than a week later, he doesn’t lead the Majors as much, but he does lead the NL in runs and slugging %.  Oh, he was also named the NL Player of the Week last Monday.

Since his debut in 2017, Walker Buehler has a .735 winning % (25-9) and a .750 postseason winning % (3-1)

Two-time MVP Miguel Cabrera is 12 short of 500 home runs and 131 short of 3000 hits.  If he more or less duplicates his 2019 season, he has a shot at achieving both milestones this year…. or maybe not.

Steven Matz, who is currently tied for the Major League lead with 4 wins and a 1.000 winning percentage, was obtained from the Mets in January for Sean Reid-Foley, Yennsy Díaz and a minor leaguer.  I was sorry to see him go, but I’m happy that this fellow Long Islander is doing well with the Jays

Jazz Chisholm has been a Top 100 prospect for a couple of years and earlier this month he hit his first Major League home run off of Jacob deGrom. I’ve been told that Chisholm is fun to watch, I’ll be keeping an eye out for him.

Here’s the “insert” I almost forgot about, this one is created by Phungo (Tweety Phungo and Bloggy Phungo). The card commemorates one of the best moments of the past week, when Kole Calhoun was “robbed” of a catch by a fan in the stands.

If you didn’t see the moment, here it is.

And that’s the end of the pack.  Have a good week, everybody!

5 thoughts on “2021 TSR Daily: A Pack From The Dollar Store

  1. I actually have been to a dollar store this year…I’ve rarely gone into ANY stores, but a couple of times when there were low transmission rates around here I did venture into the Dollar Tree, figuring it was a lot less crowded than a supermarket or Wal-Mart. They had no baseball cards, but that might just mean someone had snapped them all up.

    BTW, I know the Mets announcers said that Chisholm’s home run off deGrom was his first ever MLB home run, but he had two last year. So if that’s on the back of that card, it’s an UER! B^)

  2. Hello Shlabotnik Report, Well that is an impressive insert in the pack. How long is the artist contracted for. Nice color, to the cards some pop. As much as I would love to see cards at the dollar store again, I wouldn’t probably see them anyway.
    I enjoyed my first read. I may leave comments, I may not but I will catch up with the 2021 content.

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