2021 TSR Daily: Trying To Get Back On Track

I’ve fallen way behind in… well, pretty much everything in my life. As part of the effort to get back on track and maybe post something here beyond customs and “1970s: A-Z”, there are no “inserts” in this week’s pack of 2021 TSR Daily (I Tweet out a custom each day #2021TSRDaily ).

Corbin Burnes got into the 5th inning of his 6th start before he walked a batter. As things currently stand he has 58 strikeouts and 1 walk (oh, and a 1.57 ERA).

Gerrit Cole struck out 12 Rays on the way to his league-leading 5th win. His ERA is 1.37 and for the season he has 26 K’s for every walk.

Adam Frazier is tied for the NL lead with 51 hits, as well as leading NL 2nd basemen in Assists and Double Plays Turned.

After signing a 5-year contract with the Phillies, Wheeler got some Cy Young votes last year and pitched a 3-hit shutout against the Brewers earlier this month.

Matt Olson currently leads the Athletics in HR, RBI and Slugging %

Brandon Crawford is in his 10th season as the Giants’ starting shortstop, and (to my surprise) leads the team in HR (9) and RBI (21)

3 thoughts on “2021 TSR Daily: Trying To Get Back On Track

  1. Boy can I relate. I’m way overdue on a post related to this, but life craziness is the primary reason I’ve shifted from blogging to YouTube. Turning on a camera and talking/showing cards for 10 minutes is something I can still accommodate, the HOURS that I’d put into most of my blog posts however, no chance. Hope you’re doing well Joe!

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