2021 TSR Daily: Gang Aft Agley

Time for another virtual pack of 2021 TSR Daily custom cards (I Tweet out a custom each day #2021TSRDaily )

While getting this post ready, I realized that all of the plans I’d had for “inserts” never got completed; I had intended to do a couple of Highlights from last week, plus I’ve been working on a 3-D insert, but you can blame my Pandemic Brain for the failure.  I got distracted by yet-to-be-released custom card project which is taking me in somewhat new directions that are giving me some fun challenges.

While ruminating on my missed opportunities, in my head I could hear the Scottish poet Robert Burns — “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” — as read by my English teacher from 40 years ago.  Imagine an Italian-American woman from New York endearingly attempting a Scottish accent, and you’ll get the idea of why this stuck with me all of these years.


There *is* one insert this week, I’ll leave that for the end.

Jake Cronenworth was the 2nd baseman on the 2020 Topps All-Star Rookie team, had tied for 2nd place in NL Rookie of the Year voting and is in the Padres’ top 3 in runs, hits, batting and On-Base %

I’ll admit, Pirates reliever Richard Rodríguez had escaped my attention… but in a Twitter conversation with a couple of Pirates fans (including Bob Walk The Plank), it was made known to me that he should have a card in flagship Topps, as well as my modest little custom set.  Rodriguez has 10 saves, a 3-1 record, a 1.78 ERA and a 0.692 WHIP while making 29 appearances for the 29-47 Pirates.

Casey Mize, ranked among the Tigers’ top prospects and top 30 in the Majors, rode a hot May into Rookie of the Year consideration.  In his five starts in May, he went 2-0 with a 1.74 ERA and 27 strikeouts.

Former All-Star Whit Merrifield currently leads the majors with 21 stolen bases.  He also leads the Royals in runs, hits and doubles.

Earlier this month Starling Marte was named the NL Player of the Week after going 14-for-28 with a double, 2 homers, 4 stolen bases, 8 runs and 5 RBI

Nathan Eovaldi leads the Red Sox staff with a 8-4 record and leads the league by allowing just 0.397 home runs per 9 innings pitched

Willson Contreras caught the Cubs’ no-hitter last week and is one of the finalists in 2021 All-Star voting

Here’s the insert, it’s of a little-known Yankees outfielder who is coincidentally named Joe Shlabotnik

Enjoy your week, everybody!

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