2021 TSR Daily: Back On The Blog After An Unintended Break

So, I took an unintentional week off from the blog. It started with missing the ‘deadline’ for one of my 1970s: A-Z posts and after that it just started to snowball. Stuff was going on, and it was becoming a struggle to keep it from affecting the tone of my writing… so I stopped writing.

I didn’t stop making customs, though, so I’ve got a bit of a backlog to get into. I’m not going to do two weeks worth here, but I’ll cover more than a week and include almost as many “inserts”, plus wrap things up with another hockey custom.

So let’s dive into a “Jumbo Pack” of 2021 TSR Daily custom cards (called “Daily” because I Tweet out a custom each day #2021TSRDaily )

One thing to be aware of… The oldest of these customs was Tweeted nearly two weeks before the deadline, so that’s why you’re getting Max Scherzer still with the Nats. He’s not the only outdated custom in this jumbo pack.

Here’s a bit of Max Scherzer trivia… He currently has an 8-4 record, and the last time he had a losing record was in 2009, his first full season. That year he went 9-11 for the 92-loss Diamondbacks

Bo Joseph Bichette – yes, his legal name is Bo – leads the AL with 81 runs and was an All-Star

First insert!

This weekend the Angels threw back to the 1970s, and when something like that happens I can’t help but dust off my 1970s templates. I almost went with the 1974 design, but I’m happy I decided on 1975 instead.

Even though he’s split his time among 6 positions this year (primarily 2nd base and center field), Chris Taylor is an All-Star who’s 2nd in the NL with 76 runs scored.

Mark Melancon leads the Majors with 32 saves and was named to the NL All-Star team.  I didn’t set out to make it look like he’s pointing at the Padres logo, but I’m happy with the way it worked out.

Here’s one of the earlier transactions of the deadline… The Twins sent Nelson Cruz and his big bat to the Rays.

Gregory Soto, 4-2 with 11 saves, was named to the All-Star team for the first time.

All-Star Craig Kimbrel and his microscopic 0.48 ERA made his debut for the White Sox yesterday. A little over a month ago he pitched the 9th inning of a combined no-no of the Dodgers.

Since Trea Turner is now with the Dodgers, I figured I’d better clear out his “highlight” with the Nationals.

Twins All-Star Taylor Rogers is a player I’d expected to be in a new uniform this weekend, but he’s still with the Twins. I always think of him as the guy whose name is sort of the reverse of Roger Taylor, the drummer from the band Queen.

Matt Barnes, at the age of 31, appeared in the All-Star for the first time in his career.

Adam Duvall leads the Marlins with 22 homers and a .478 slugging percentage… but he’s now with the Braves, so maybe Jesus Aguilar will catch him in the Marlins rankings.

The Braves also threw back to the 1970s as part of their Hank Aaron weekend festivities. I didn’t intend for this 1975 custom of Adam Duvall to be an ‘update’, but what the heck, I’ll put it here anyway.

Pirates shortstop Kevin Newman recently ended a 76 game errorless streak.

All-Star Lance Lynn, who has pitched for 5 teams over his ten year career, leads the league with a 2.07 ERA. His 10 wins had lead the league at the time of this tweet, but now it’s part of a five-way tie for 2nd place in the AL.

Lance Lynn was the 160th TSR Daily custom, which puts us two-thirds of the way through this custom set.  At this milestone, I’m more concerned than ever about my original goal to create eight customs per team.  The teams entering the season in rebuild mode had already been a concern, but now I’m also concerned about the Cubs and Nationals. They both traded away a big chunk of their active roster and got mostly prospects back. The only un-customed Nats player left from my tentative team checklist is Stephen Strasburg, and he pitched only five games before undergoing season-ending surgery. So… Do I start to include former utility guys who are now starters? Starting players with unimpressive stats? Prospects I can get images of? Or do I abandon the 8-per-team rule going forward? I honestly don’t know at this point.

On that somewhat down note I’m going to switch over to a 2021-22 TSR Hockey custom, for those who might be interested in such things. I put a lot of work into these templates, so  Interested or not interested, you’re getting these. :-)

Goalie Chris Driedger, a Florida Panthers free agent, signed with the Seattle Kraken before the expansion draft, which then made him their pick from the Panthers roster. He was one of several players who appeared in person at the expansion draft, and that’s where this photo comes from… the event was held outside and what appears to be a solid white background is actually washed-out Seattle sky.

Because I’m giving the Kraken my support this coming season, Driedger’s custom gets a back as well. Do not take this honor lightly, I almost never make the backs.

Coming attractions for the next post: I will include a number of trade deadline transactions plus – if all goes according to plan – some Tokyo 2020 customs using a design from a 1990s Japanese baseball card set!

4 thoughts on “2021 TSR Daily: Back On The Blog After An Unintended Break

  1. Love the Throwbacks! That Ohtani is sweet! Can’t wait to see which 90’s Japanese baseball card design you use. I like the 1993 BBM design… but that’s because it reminds me of Pro Set.

    • I won’t spoil the surprise on which Japanese set I’m using… but I will say that I’ve expanded it a little from just Olympic Baseball to all events… or did I say that in the post? I don’t know whether I’m coming or going :-)

  2. Our blogs continue to align – I took an accidental week off from posting last week as well! Then again…a week’s absence for me is basically one post. LOVE that Ohtani custom.

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