More Hockey Customs For the Three People Who Care

I’m way backed up on my customs in general, and since there’s not a huge following for my hockey customs – just wait until I start up my Olympic Curling set! – I figured I’d throw a few in a separate post so that people may more easily ignore them.

Joonas Donskoi was drafted from the Avalanche, and now that workouts are starting and pre-season games are around the corner, this might be my last faux airbrushing in this set… but I may look for excuses to do it again at some point.

For those interested in the “how”, I created a separate layer of the image with just the helmet and jersey and turned the color saturation all the way down.

As a way to learn about players on my newly-adopted team, I’m creating card backs for the Kraken.

Here’s another Kraken custom I just tweeted today.  Yanni Gourde was drafted from the Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning but will miss the early part of the season due to shoulder surgery.

Like me, Yanni is 5’9″ and 175 lbs, so he gets a leg up in my “Favorite Kraken” competition.  Unlike me, Yanni has athletic ability, but that’s generally a given.

For those interested about such things, the image of Yanni came from a Kraken tweet of the first workout and was taken in front of a green screen.  The background image is from a 2021 playoff game at Nassau Coliseum.

Here’s the back:

I’m really happy with the way the cartoon came out, and I’m getting into the cartoon-creating process more than I thought I would.  At the beginning it was more along the lines of “Well, gotta put *something* in that little puck-shaped frame…”, but I’ve apparently triggered something in my long-dormant cartooning desires.

For anyone who wonders, I use Comic Sans for my lettering because I am a terrible letterer.  Besides, I’m giving Comic Sans a reason for existing, so don’t judge me.

Here are some more customs – fronts only – for teams other than the Seattle Kraken.

I haven’t really followed hockey much in the last 18 or so years, so every time I hear about a player that I remember “from the before times”, as post-apocalyptic TV shows and movies like to put it, I’m fairly well shocked.  I had no idea, for example, that Joe Thornton was still skating around.

With that beard, I imagine him in a hockey-themed lead-in to the Monty Python credits:  Fade in to a hockey fight, slightly sped-up.  From the middle of the melee crawls Joe Thornton, who unsteadily gets to his feet, skates over towards the camera and says “IT’S…”

Dougie Hamilton moving over to the New Jersey Devils was apparently one of the biggest transactions over the summer.  Me, I just had fun doing the faux airbrushing.

Vitek Vanecek was a Kraken goalie for about a week.  He was drafted from the Capitals and then, I guess, the Capitals were the only team interested enough in him to make a deal, so he was traded back to the Caps for a second round pick.  Wasted expansion draft pick?  Maybe.  At any rate, I figured I’d pay tribute to this almost-Kraken

Last up, I saw this photo of Ryan O’Reilly modeling the Blues’ Winter Classic uniform.  My knee jerk reaction was that the image would work well with the 1974-75 hockey design I’m using, so naturally…

OK, that’s enough hockey customs for now.  It won’t be long before the games start up again!

17 thoughts on “More Hockey Customs For the Three People Who Care

  1. Didn’t realize Thornton is gonna play with the Panthers. Maybe they’ll sign Patrick Marleau and the two can play together again. Nice job on the Donskoi. I’ll be rooting for him in Seattle.

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