1992 – 1994 Topps Gold Cards Which Substituted For Checklists

Yesterday I featured this 1992 Topps Gold Terry McDaniel card which doesn’t have a corresponding card in regular 1992 Topps:

For the three years that Topps did the “Topps Gold” parallels – 1992 to 1994 – Topps replaced the base checklists with new players who didn’t appear in the base Topps set.

Since a lot of people aren’t aware of these cards and might want them for team/player collections = or to complete a Topps master set – I’ll share a list of these cards, plus a scan of the one other card I have which fits in this category.

1992 Topps Gold
131 – Terry Mathews – Rangers
264 – Rod Beck – Giants
366 – Tony Perezchica – Indians
527 – Terry McDaniel – Mets
658 – John Ramos – Yankees
787 – Brian Williams – Astros

Nick Vossbrink (blog, Twitter) pointed out that there’s a similar card in 1992 Topps Traded Gold

132T – Kerry Woodson – Seattle Mariners

1993 Topps Gold
394 – Bernardo Brito – Twins
395 – Jim McNamara – Giants
396 – Rich Sauveur – Royals
823 – Keith Brown – Reds
824 – Russ McGinnis – Rangers
825 – Mike Walker – Mariners

1994 Topps Gold
395 – Bill Brennan – Cubs
396 – Jeff Bronkey – Rangers
791 – Mike Cook – Orioles
792 – Dan Pasqua – White Sox

For what it’s worth, Mike Cook pitched 2 games for the O’s in 1993 and pitched in Triple-A in 1994

8 thoughts on “1992 – 1994 Topps Gold Cards Which Substituted For Checklists

  1. Thanks for your blog. I got back into collecting a few years ago in a large part because of your blog and your openness to collecting what you like/what makes you happy. Thanks to you I have three Frankenstein sets. 1992 Topps baseball was the first set I ever completed. I’m now collecting any cards that were made with that template: 92 Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball, 92 O-Pee-Chee, 91 Debut, 92 Traded/gold, 2017 Topps Archives, some early 2000s archives along with their gold variations.

    I had just been wondering whether the checklists for 92 baseball were gold or how they handledthat. Any clue if Topps swapped out the checklists in the other 1992 sports sets?

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