The 1970’s, A To Z: Carl Morton to Thurman Munson

Recap: I’m going through all of the notable and somewhat notable players and managers of the 1970’s and I’m basically making like it’s an all-encompassing 1970’s throwback baseball card set. For the “card front”, I’m sharing my favorite 1970’s card of that guy. I’m also including a card back’s worth of information and thoughts about him and his cardboard.


1977 Topps #331

Played 1969 – 1976
1970’s Teams: Expos, Braves

1970’s Highlights:
In 1970, as a rookie pitcher with a 2nd year Expos team, Morton’s 18-11 record helped Montreal achieve some early respectability and got Morton the NL Rookie of the Year award; His 18 wins set a team record which would stand until Ross Grimsley won 20 in 1978; Was named the right-handed pitcher on the 1970 Topps All-Star Rookie team; Later, with the Braves, he got 15, 16 and 17 wins in his first three seasons with the Braves (1973 – 75); Was the Expos’ opening day starter in 1971 and the Braves opening day starter in 1974 and 1976

Fun Stuff:
Signed with the Milwaukee Braves as an outfielder but was converted to pitching as a minor leaguer

Card Stuff:
Appeared in 1977 Topps with the Braves, but had been traded to the Rangers in December, 1976 and was cut by the Rangers at the end of 1977 spring training… He would hook up with the Phillies’ Triple-A team for that season but never pitched in the Majors after 1976

Sad Stuff:
Morton died in 1983 at 39 years old after suffering a heart attack


1974 Kellogg’s #49

Played 1963 – 1982
1970’s Teams: Dodgers

1970’s Highlights:
Was named to the All-Star game in 1973; Manny achieved notoriety as an excellent pinch-hitter and late in the 1979 season he set a Major League record with his 145th career pinch hit (since broken by Lenny Harris)

Career Highlights:
Was the Expos’ 1st pick in the 1968 expansion draft and was traded to the Dodgers in a June 1969 deal that also involved Maury Wills and Ron Fairly; Finished his career with a .304 batting average; Batted .300 and over in 13 of his 20 seasons (although not all of them had enough ABs to qualify for a batting title)

Fun Stuff:
Was name-dropped in the movie “Airplane!” (see video at bottom of post)

Card Stuff:
Appeared in every flagship Topps set of the 1970s; His 1963 rookie card lists him with the Houston Colt 45s but he was traded to the Pirates before playing a game for the Colts (and the same capless photo would be used on his 1964 Topps card)


1971 Topps #5

Played 1969 – 1979
1970’s Teams: Yankees

1970’s Highlights:
Was named the 1970 AL Rookie of the Year and the 1976 AL MVP; Seven-time All-Star and three-time starting catcher (1974 – 1976); Three-time Gold Glove winner;  A two-time World Champion, Munson batted .357 in the postseason with 3 homers, 19 runs and 22 RBI;  Hit the first Yankee home run in the remodeled Yankee Stadium, 4/17/76; Was named the 6th captain in Yankees history and the first since Lou Gehrig; Died tragically in August 1979 when the personal jet plane he was flying crashed short of the airport runway

Career Highlights:
Was a 1968 All-American with Kent State University; His #15 was retired by the Yankees and by Kent State

Card Stuff:
Appeared in every flagship Topps and Hostess set of the 1970s; Munson had a number of ‘cameo appearances’ on other players’ cards

Here’s the clip from “Airplane!” which name-drops Manny Mota (and no, Manny never played on the same team with Pedro Borbon)

1 thought on “The 1970’s, A To Z: Carl Morton to Thurman Munson

  1. Nice cameo’s for Munson on the cards you have, those cards could be used as in action cards. Even his 71 topps card #5 could also be a separate in card.

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