A Week Of Customs: They Say She Plays Guitar And Cries And Sings

Another week’s worth of customs which were originally out on Twitter (#DailyTSRcustom …when I remember to include the hashtag, anyway…)

Noah Syndergaard disappointed me and many other Mets fans by signing a 2-year contract with the Angels. I don’t blame him, but I still won’t enjoy seeing him in another uniform.

Another mashup of 1975 Topps and my 2021 TSR Daily customs, this time featuring Comeback players Trey Mancini and Buster Posey. Ideally the heading of the card should be plural – “COMEBACKS OF THE YEAR” – but it just seemed kind of awkward.

Due to popular demand (i.e. someone suggested it and offered mild encouragement), in the near future I’m going to do a series of these featuring the 2012 – 2020 MVP TSR customs featuring each year’s MVP in this 1975 design.  In years past I didn’t make as many customs as I did in 2021, so most of these will involve me going back and creating new customs using my old templates (and, in a couple of cases, retrieving fonts that were on a previous laptop).

During the month of November, Nathan MacKinnon ranked 2nd in the NHL with 25 points (10 G, 15 A) over 14 games, plus he lead the league with 79 shots on goal.

Good news for those who pulled redemptions out of packs of 2021 TSR Daily – the 3-D inserts have started to ship, starting with Ronald Acuña Jr!

It’s been a few years since I did a faux 3-D card, so I’ll need to work out a couple of bugs before I do any more of these

Marcus Stroman recently signed a 3-year, $71M contract with the Cubs. I’m sorry to see him go, but it does seem like a lot of money for his accomplishments. This past season he went 10-13, 3.02 with the Mets

Marcus Stroman and Steven Matz once faced off in a legendary high school baseball game on Long Island (not generally a hotbed for Major League prospects), both were teammates with the Mets, and now both will be rivals in the NL Central. So it goes.

Another Seattle Kraken from my 2021/22 TSR Hockey custom card project… Swedish forward Calle Jarnkrok, currently on injured reserve, was drafted from the Nashville Predators. I’m hoping that his slow start this season is due to whatever injury has caused him to be on IR.

The cartoon at the bottom of the card back is based on a photo from the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the USSR.  Late last night, just before I dozed off, I realized that I’d neglected to ‘color in’ the goalposts.  Damn.

Y’know, each time I do one of these card backs I hope that I can find out something interesting about the player for the text or the cartoon, but most of the biographical information I can find online is about each player’s hockey accomplishments, and there’s rarely anything like “Connor and his wife were married on top of a Zamboni” or “Oskar works as an accountant in the off-season”.  I will continue to hold on to hope.

For no real reason, here’s a live 1975 performance of Led Zeppelin’s “Goin’ To California”. The former college newspaper editor within me cringes at the misspelled Led Zep scarf near the beginning of the video.

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