No Value But I Still Kinda Like It: A Blaster Of 2021 Heritage High #’s

I knew what I was getting into.

There, I’ve gotten it out of the way.  Truth is, I like Heritage High #’s in a weird sort of way.  It largely stems from the fact that I like to keep current cards organized by teams and I get a weird thrill out of replacing a hand-written placeholder of some fringe prospect or reliever with an honest-to-goodness baseball card.

And guys like that are present in 2021 High #’s.  If you grabbed me a week ago and asked me if Tyler Zuber, Taylor Widener, Seth Elledge and Jorge Oña played in MLB or MLS, I’m not sure I would’ve gotten it right… but here they are:

As for the value aspect of this, my blaster contained four short prints:

And two inserts…

Yup, 6 non-base cards out of the 8 packs in the blaster… unless I’m missing some weird variations that aren’t labeled on the back the same way that regular Heritage had their little notes up near the card number.

What’s also missing from High #’s – and this is a plus in my book – are subsets. The 225 cards in the checklist are all base player cards. No “Boyhood Photos” or “League Leaders” or multi-player rookie cards or goofy-arsed cards showing awards. Just 225 additional players to make the overall Heritage checklist deeper.

With the regular Heritage set this past year I took the somewhat radical move of largely ignoring the subsets, unless they fit in with my team or player collections. That meant that instead of a 500 card complete set, I was was chasing a 375-card “good enough” set (which sadly still contains a bunch of SPs). Everything in the High #s checklist qualifies as “good enough” (but there are still too many SPs).

So High #s *does* contain some updates. Imagine that!

The Mets signed James McCann on December 20th, 2020.

Joe Musgrove was acquired via trade on January 19th.

Joc Pederson signed with the Cubs on February 5th – but unfortunately was traded to the Braves on July 15th, so this update was in need of an update before it came out.

Jackie Bradley, Jr. signed with the Brewers on March 8th (and was traded back to the Red Sox this past December)

High #’s has it’s share of “You mean this guy *wasn’t* in regular Heritage?” guys… Manny Machado is somewhat surprising, but I guess they figured they held him back figuring that High #’s couldn’t have the entire checklist of guys like Julian Merryweather.

Ozzie Albies, an all-star this past season, also got pushed back to High #s

…And the now-retired Buster Posey.

I don’t mind all the posed shots… not entirely, anyway. The 1970s sets I grew up with were largely posed shots. The thing with this is that it’s largely the same couple of poses all cropped the same. It wouldn’t have killed them to have a head shot every so often.

The best photo in the blaster I got was this shot of Austin Nola. Stadium Club this is not.

So that’s what I got in my blaster. I think many collectors would be upset with the lack of value. Me, I’m just happy to have been able to rip some packs as well as to have the chance of pulling a card of Vimael Machin.

13 thoughts on “No Value But I Still Kinda Like It: A Blaster Of 2021 Heritage High #’s

  1. I view Heritage (and Big League) as a chance to rip packs and just get who I get. Would love to encounter a blaster in the wild. Will hopefully get most of my Giants needs in Nachos’s big break this year.

  2. I received two blasters of HHN for Christmas (lucky find on I enjoyed opening both boxes. Like you, it was almost all base cards – which is great, ’cause that’s what I collect. Out of both boxes I did not get one duplicate. It was amazing. I can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before. So, ended up with 135 different base cards. Well on my way to completing the base set (I don’t collect the SPs except for a Cardinals and a few players).

  3. That Jorge Oña card makes me wonder why Topps isn’t better about diacritical marks. Ronald Acuña Jr. has been getting the tilde on cards recently, so why not Oña? They’re usually not good about accent marks, either. Come on, Topps, Ponle Acento! (That started over 5 years ago!)

  4. I love 2021 Heritage and HHN–so much that I ordered two hobby boxes of HHN on when it first dropped. I like that regular Heritage was somewhat faithful to ’72 Topps by including In Action, Boyhood Photos, Awards and League Leader cards. As a set collector, I’m not into this hobby for the ‘value’, I’m in it for the fun.

    • I’m fine with the subsets in the original set… My 1972 needs are in the double-digits, after all. For me, I’ve come to the realization that with current sets I just want to get cards of as many different active players as I can each year, and the subsets don’t help with that… it’s just clutter to me

  5. Got a blaster – 72 cards and only 3 inserts loved it – a lot of no name guys but thats what those 792 card sets from the 1980s were about. Bogaerts is not an insert he is 700 I think.

    No Giancarlo Stanton and Yoan Moncada – in Heritage – Strange

  6. I like the structure of Heritage High #s better than actual Heritage – no League Leaders, subsets, etc. I want as many different players featured in a set as possible, and Heritage High seems to do that better. (Though I do like those ’72 World Series inserts.)

  7. I always like Topps Heritage, still buying packs & blaster boxes when I find them & putting together current & older sets. Just hoping not to pay flippers outrageous money for singe cards needed to complete sets. To me short print variations should be about 1 in every 8 packs like it currently is, just put cards 401 thru 500 & 701 thru 725 as regular cards. Maybe Fanatics will correct this problem when take over Topps.

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