Really Old Lumberjacks And Other COMC Goodies

I recently showed off a card as the oldest one I own, and it occurred to me that I’ve never shared it here on the blog before… and that I have a bunch of other cards I still haven’t shown off.

So here I am, showing off my cards.

I might as well start off with that “oldest card in my collection”; It’s a 108-year-old cigarette card, it’s from the 1914 Wills Overseas Dominions set – and I’ll point out that Wills was a British brand of cigarette, so “Overseas Dominions” meant Canada for the 1914 set and Australia for the 1915 set.

The subject of this particular card is “Felling Trees”. It’s a nice-looking card, so I’ll share it at a relatively large size (but keep in mind that it’s a “mini” by today’s standards):

The funny thing about this card is that when I pulled it out of the COMC box, I didn’t remember buying it… and not only that, I wasn’t entirely sure *why* I bought it.  After thinking on it a while, I decided that it must’ve been an impulse buy for my “Monty Python reference” collection… as in “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK”

Next up is a card that falls into one of my “excuse goals”… Meaning a “goal” that really is just an excuse for accumulating vintage cards …not that buying vintage is ever a completely bad thing, but I’m trying to be better about keeping focus.

The “excuse goal” in this case was that I like the apocryphal Kansas City Athletics caps that were used in the 1955 set.  The A’s were in Philadelphia in 1954, and from what I’ve seen it must’ve seemed like a safe bet that the new KC A’s would wear these caps… but they didn’t, at least not once the season started.

I shouldn’t say too much about “excuse goals” because I recently made a quick visit to a card show and all of my purchases were from a bin of cheap vintage which generally fell under my excuse goals.

Here’s a new addition to my bowling type collection;  I don’ t follow professional bowling enough to actually want a set, but I just like to have one or two cards from any sets I run across. This one is from the 2008 Rittenhouse PBA set, which is a pretty nice looking set… at least based on this one card.

1962 Post card of original New York Met Charley Neal. The card doesn’t mention his being with the Mets even though he was acquired in December, 1961; I guess that was too late for Post to update the card with a tagline.

And I’ll wrap things up with a 1972 Topps high # of Yankees pitcher Jack Aker.  I’m looking at some of the 1972 High #s prices out on COMC now, and it seems like even poor condition commons are way more expensive than they were a year ago.


5 thoughts on “Really Old Lumberjacks And Other COMC Goodies

  1. Joe, you are SO right — picking up vintage cards at respectable prices is now almost impossible. For those like me, who collect cards from the 60’s and early 70’s, we’re noticing a 30% to 40% hike in auction pricing. A common card from a mid-to-late 1960’s Topps series that I USED to buy for $2 (or less) is now only obtainable at a price approaching (or exceeding) $3. It’s a crazy time, for sure.

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