A Buncha Customs, June 6

Over the past month or two, I’ve had a major creative block that’s affected my writing and my customs. I’m going to try to power through a post in hopes that having accomplished something will break the logjam a bit.

Keegan Thompson was not a pitcher I was aware of before this season, but he’s been a nice addition to my fantasy team’s bullpen. He’s currently 6-0 with a 1.99 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. I need the Cubs to put him in some save situations, I desperately need saves on my fantasy team!

Keegan was also the subject of what had been my first “Pointless Pairings” custom in three years!

I don’t think there was a reason for creating this Willy Adames custom other than my liking the photo.

Same deal for this custom of Trevor Story… although this image dates back to Spring Training and I’d used it for one of my ‘proof of concept’ customs

Utility guy Tyler Wade recently hit his first home run since September 26, 2020… but again, mainly just liked the picture.

The Hofstra University baseball team, coached by former Major Leaguer and Shlabotnik favorite Frank Catalanotto, are the 2022 champions of the Colonial Athletic Association and advanced to the program’s first-ever College World Series. Unfortunately they were beaten in their first two games and have been eliminated, but for a school like Hofstra to make it in the first place is no small accomplishment.

On May 26 Aaron Nola pitched 8+ shutout innings on his way to a 4-1 win over Atlanta, breaking a personal losing streak.

Mets rookie OF Nick Plummer’s first MLB hit was a game-tying 9th inning HR vs. the Phillies. A former Cardinals 1st round pick and a minor league free agent, Plummer was signed to a Major League contract over the winter and is becoming something of a fan-favorite in Queens.  FWIW, he’s got very little in the way of actual cardboard.

Jameson Taillon recently took a perfect game against the Angels into the 7th inning. He allowed 2 hits and a run in the 8th but got the win.

This morning I saw this image of Cleveland’s Triston McKenzie and decided it needed a 1973 border around it.

And finally, I don’t think I ever shared my 2021-22 Seattle Kraken team leaders custom here…  I didn’t want to repeat the official headshot of Jared McCann so I used a game image… but the mismatch between that image and the other three is a sort of off-putting result, kind of like the Beatles’ Let It Be album cover where Paul was the only one photographed in front of a red background and that somehow became another “Paul is dead” clue.

I thought about breaking from the 1974/75 Topps precedent and featuring a goaltender instead of a 2nd image of Jared McCann, but I decided the goaltending wasn’t good enough for me to make that change, even while it was expected to be a strength of the team going into the season.

I’m not quite done with my custom hockey card set, I’ve got some postseason customs in the work… but honestly, I have a terrible time trying to get excited about hockey in June… and we haven’t even gotten to the finals yet!

3 thoughts on “A Buncha Customs, June 6

  1. I dig the Nick Plummer–looks great. He really does have very little cardboard. The only other guy who’s been starting for the Mets I don’t have a card in hand of is Tylor Megill, and I’ve got at least one card of him coming to me whenever I get Chris to ship me my breaker’s club loot (there’s a lot at this point), plus I have a Topps Now of him coming from the combined no-hitter he was a part of. But Plummer I’m probably going to have to wait a while for.

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