Quick Side Trip: An Australian Cricket Photo That’s Surprisingly American

This is about a rabbit hole that opened up a week ago when I got a stupid idea for a series of custom cards.

So I was lying in bed without sleep coming, and I had this idea… Earlier that day I was poking around the Getty Images website looking for something when one of the recent batches of images caught my eye.  While staring at the ceiling I had the thought of playing “Getty Roulette” and making a custom out of whatever happens to be the most recent set of images are out there.

Since I often don’t know the people in many of these images, I had the idea of making it a “Who Am I?” style of set, with a sort of in-joke being “Hey, I don’t know who they are”.

I did two customs to get the idea out of my system, I’ll share them here because ‘why not?’

The second one of Australian cricketer Steve Smith caught my attention, and the more I looked at the image the more I realized that there’s a lot to unpack.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 15: Steve Smith of the Sixers warms up during the Men’s Big Bash League match between the Sydney Sixers and the Perth Scorchers at Sydney Cricket Ground, on January 15, 2023, in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

I’ve got a fair number of caps cluttering my closet, so the first thing I noticed was the cap. Magenta and black is not a color pairing you’re going to find in North American sports, and I was immediately filled with thoughts of “I like to get a cap like that”.

The team logo is also interesting because it looks something like a Philadelphia 76ers logo where the 7 has wandered off.  The outline of the logo echoes the world famous Sydney Opera House.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with cricket (and I assume that most of my readers fall into that category), a “sixer” is the cricket version of a home run. There’s a boundary that runs all the way around a cricket pitch, and when a batted ball goes over the boundary on the fly, it’s an automatic six runs and is called a sixer.

Then I noticed that the cap has a ’47 logo on the side. I’ve got several minor league baseball caps made by ’47 Brand, so I hadn’t really thought of them as a multinational company… and yet there they are making caps for this Australian cricket league I’d never heard of.

Then I looked at the bat and said “Wait… That’s a New Balance logo! New Balance makes cricket bats???” I wasn’t aware that New Balance made anything other than shoes or clothing, and here they are on an Australian cricket bat.

On top of all that I looked up the “Big Bash League” and found that it’s sponsored by KFC, the fried chicken chain… and the uniforms are made by Nike, of course.

At any rate, this falls into the same category as finding out that my friend from the Philippines used to watch “The Man From Atlantis“… Sometimes it’s just surprising to have these small realizations of how far around the world American culture and commerce can reach.


2 thoughts on “Quick Side Trip: An Australian Cricket Photo That’s Surprisingly American

  1. Cool logo. Whoever decided to use the Sydney Opera House outline is a genius. As for the name, Steve Smith has got to be one of the most common athlete names out there. There’s the 90’s basketball player from the Miami Heat. The defenseman for the Chicago Blackhawks also from the 90’s. And the two wide receivers from the 2000’s. I’m willing to bet there’s more too.

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